Is a Hair Transplant the Answer for Hair Loss?

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Women experience hair loss for a multitude of reasons. If this should begin to happen to you, it’s worthwhile exploring why it might be happening rather than panicking and doing nothing. There is also the possibility of going through a hair transplant procedure. This can help to add more hair to the affected areas, yet it won’t necessarily stop an ongoing hair loss issue. In this article, we look at why hair loss can occur in women and how hair transplants can help.

The passage of time is a leading reason for hair loss. The scalp is made up of thousands upon thousands of individual hair follicles. Each of these can be responsible for growing a hair to a pleasing length. However, as you get older, some of these follicles may begin to stop working as before. This may result in hair loss or thinning in certain areas.

Poor Treatment of the Scalp

When you go through many years or even decades of hair colouring, highlighting, perms, and tightly pulled hair into buns, braids, and so on, it can put a strain on the scalp. After doing so for too long, this can cause the hair follicles to no longer cooperate and hair loss begins to show.

Health Reasons

It’s possible that too much stress during a difficult life transition causes either grey hair or hair loss. A thyroid condition can also cause hair loss. Also, scarring alopecia may have resulted in trouble growing hair because of the scarring effectively covering the hair follicles. Also, there can be an issue with a lack of minerals compared to what the body needs. This can result in having insufficient folic acids and other essentials to growing healthy hair. Sometimes, several of these occur together which can overwhelm the body to the point that hair growth becomes spotty.

Hair Transplants

Transplanting hair using the FUE technique is something that women may want to consider. It’s certainly a good option if the hair loss is not seen as a temporary thing, such as due to stress or a mineral shortage that is resolvable. What may hold some women back is thinking about the hair transplant cost and wondering how expensive it’ll be.

When it comes to FUE hair transplants, there is a minimum cost. However, for an idea of the hair transplant cost, you can visit the linked article from The Treatment Rooms. In a nutshell, it’s largely dependent on how many grafts are taken to remove good hair follicles and transplant them elsewhere in the scalp. For example, between 500 to 1,000 grafts are likely to cost not much more than £4,000. However, if the hair loss is extensive and you choose to have 2,000 grafts instead, that will likely double the above cost. It’s important to work with a reliable clinic such as the Treatment Rooms that have expertise in this area.

Always look at the likely causes of hair loss first. This way, you can potentially isolate the cause and possibly resolve it. However, when the cause is due to age or other uncontrollable factors, then hair transplants can be a solution to having a fuller head of hair once again.

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