Keeping your animals amused during lockdown is no joke and, as many new puppy owners will confirm, the absence of training classes has led to some boisterous behaviour in the home boardroom.  Or should that be bored room…

Sarah Plant of Woodland Agility has some advice on canine enrichment – ie keeping them occupied;

“Canine enrichment is great for dogs to encourage their natural sense of smell. It has many uses and can help dogs to keep their brains active, keep them out of trouble and tire them out mentally. Enrichment should be enjoyable for your dog and not be too difficult, which could cause frustration and more unwanted behaviour.

The benefits include mental stimulation for dogs who are on restricted exercise; tasks can have a calming effect on your dog; it’s ideal for any age of dog – but especially puppies – and allows your new BFF to exercise their grey matter.

There are so many games and products out there nowadays, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to create a simple enrichment game.  For example, use cardboard rolls with treats in.  You can fold them in half and wrap them in a tea towel to make it more difficult, should they figure out how to get the treats quickly.  This could also work for humans reaching for the biscuit tin.”  ;-P

Woodland Agility Group have lots of enrichment products in stock should you wish to purchase additional products for your dogs, from pickpocket foragers, snuffle snakes, lickimats, Kongs and training toys from Paws Trading, plus all types of treats, peamutt butter, pate, sprinkles etc to use with your products.  With Christmas coming up, why not treat them.

FU’s resident pooches, Teddy and Rupert, open their surprise Christmas parcel below.

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