Lifting the Lid on Hygiene: Top tips for creating a safe, spa-like bathroom

The bathroom has always been a sanctuary space, somewhere we can head to when we need to escape the stresses of everyday life. But with Covid-19 shining a spotlight on hygiene in the home, our bathrooms need to be more than just beautiful – they must be safe spaces with functionality front of mind.

And with us spending more time than ever in our homes, there’s never been a better time to transform your bathroom. After all, it’s estimated that us Brits plan to spend a whopping £11.3bn from stamp duty savings on home improvements over the next few months, with 30% planning to renovate the bathroom, second only on the wish-list to a new kitchen.

So, what are the latest must-have innovations to invest in when it comes to enhancing hygiene in your bathroom? We explore Geberit’s top tips to making your bathroom a safe, spa-like space…

Geberit AquaClean Mera Comfort shower toilet in chrome, £6,362.32 as part of Sophie Robinson’s roomset

Join the washing with water revolution

If you think that shower toilets are only popular in Japan, think again! Meet the UK’s must-have smart loo – the Geberit AquaClean shower toilet.

Washing with water is the latest wellbeing trend to hit the UK, and this WC offers the ultimate hygiene experience thanks to its integrated spray function.  The toilet uses WhirlSpray technology to provide a fresh out-of-the-shower feeling with a gentle oscillating spray and instant warm water, and the user can even adjust everything from water pressure and temperature to the position of the spray arm.

Many models also now offer all kinds of clever cutting-edge features too. From odour extraction and built-in orientation lighting in various atmospheric colours, to a warm air dryer and user recognition, each feature has been carefully designed to improve the user’s experience and ultimately increase their personal wellbeing.

Importantly, its clever RimFree ceramic design and TurboFlush technology eliminates tricky corners and hard-to-reach areas around the pan, eradicating any hidden areas where bacteria may lurk.

It even comes with a handy remote control or smart phone app so that you can set your preferences, making a shower toilet the perfect addition for busy family bathrooms.

Geberit AquaClean Mera Comfort, White Alpine, £6362.32, Sigma70 flush plate white glass £427.13

Get hung-up on wall-hung

With many of us increasing housework routines throughout the home, furniture designed to make cleaning easier is essential. Wall-hung cabinets and ceramics, which give the illusion of “floating” above the floor, allow for easy maintenance and cleaning beneath fixtures – vital for reaching any germs or dust that might be gathering out of sight.

Many of Geberit’s ranges also offer all kinds of smart storage solutions, such as integrated vanity units and mirror cabinets, with features to help us declutter and keep the space clean. Creating that sleek, minimalist style that gives the look and feel of a ‘clean’ space has never been more on-trend, so look out for storage with inner compartments and anti-slip mats to keep those everyday essentials neatly stored away but within easy reach.

Simple yet effective design touches like handle-free furniture and sensor activated lighting on cabinets also helps reduce unnecessary surface contact as much as possible.

What’s more, choosing wall-hung can make even the smallest of bathrooms appear bigger, simply by hiding unsightly pipework behind the wall and lifting the furniture off the floor.

Geberit Sigma80 flush plate in black glass, £1198.24

Go contactless with touchless tech

Even before hygiene in the home became a hot topic, touchless tech was becoming big in the bathroom. Understandably, we’re more concerned than ever with keeping high contact surfaces clean. The solution? Opt for products like sensor activated flush plates, especially in high footfall areas like busy family bathrooms or downstairs cloak rooms.

The Geberit Sigma80 flush plate, for example, is a must have for any new bathroom, using the latest infrared technology to allow users to flush the toilet with a simple wave of the hand.

Of course, it is unavoidable not to touch some surfaces in the bathroom so products and materials designed to minimise the spread of bacteria will become a key consideration for many. Innovations such as surface and ceramic coatings, like Geberit’s KeraTect Glaze, benefit from a non-porous and smoother surface which helps maintain high levels of hygiene and prevents bacteria from gathering.

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Main Image: Geberit Set Design by Kate Watson-Smyth from Mad About The House for Geberit’s Inspiring Interiors Campaign

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