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From ships and rallies to football clubs, banner flags or printed flags have been around for so long that nobody is sure when people came up with the idea first. What we do know is that it continues to be an effective method of offline marketing even today. Despite being ancient in its concept, advertising flags have adapted and changed themselves with the times, which is why we have so many different versions of them today. They can be made to work for almost any business out there, but a bit of planning is definitely required.

The Right Location

Some ad banners are more suited for short-time promotional events at a special location, while others make more sense as long-term installations near the business itself. Below, we have a brief list to help businesses match banners with their ideal locations.

  • The striking shape of the teardrop flag can be used to attract attention indoors, outdoors and at special events
  • Feather flags flutter with the breeze, easily catching people’s attention, and just like teardrop flags, they can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Portable flagpoles are heavy duty, fluttering outdoor banners, capable of withstanding rough and windy conditions
  • Forecourt flagpoles are huge, long-term fixtures, which are generally placed outside the main business
  • Portrait flags are also called event banners, because these are smaller versions of the forecourt flags, ideal for special indoor and outdoor events
  • Tall, shimmering flagpoles can be quite effective in catching the eye outside, and they are also surprisingly affordable
  • Backpack flags are meant to be carried by people on their backs, so these can be used in virtually any outdoor, indoor or event location
The Right Type

Since banners come in all shapes and sizes these days, choosing the right one for the right campaign is key. There is no universal rule which can be followed for optimum success of course, but there are experts who can help you make the right choice. Contact Discount Displays to find printed flags and banners in any shape, size and type you need them. Moreover, Discount Displays have been in the business for more than 34 years, so rest assured that they can help you plan the best flag marketing strategy, as per the campaign’s scope, location and objectives.

The Right Weather

All outdoor flags must be adequately placed, so that the surrounding weather conditions do not become a hindrance to their purpose. For example, if fluttering feather flags are used in windy conditions, they would be a lot more effective than regular teardrop flags. At the same time, most feather flags would be blown off their base if the wind becomes too rough. You will need a few portable flagpoles instead if the outdoor conditions are rough and windy.

Flags represent a powerful concept, as entire wars have been fought and nations have been built under banners. Even businesses can use some of that potential power represented by a flag. It takes time and strategic planning to turn a business logo into a true banner, but it can be done with almost any business out there.

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