What to Write in a Mummy’s First Christmas Card

What to write in Mummy's first Christmas card
What to write in Mummy’s first Christmas card

Mummy Christmas card is a new trend this year. There are a lot of ways to make your card stand out from the rest. From traditional to modern, there are many ways to capture the essence of being a mummy this Christmas. You can use services like Boomf.com to create your own card or use pre-made designs. they’ve got you covered!

1.      What Does a Perfect Mummy Card Look Like?

The first step to creating the perfect card is to know what the perfect card looks like. That’s where the fun begins! There are two main types of mummy cards that are being circulated this year.

  • The first is the traditional ‘cute’ card, where the mummy and baby are pictured together, either holding hands or cuddling on the couch. This is the perfect example of something that can be created using the pre-made templates on the Boomf website.
  • The second type of card is the more modern card. These cards are designed to make the mummy stand out, often with a bold and vibrant colour scheme and simple, yet clever, wordplay. These cards are perfect for people who are more creative and have an idea in mind but just need a little help bringing it to life!

2.      Tips for Writing Your Own Mummy’s First Christmas Card

The best advice when it comes to what to write in your card is to be yourself! Keep it light-hearted and festive! This is your chance to really let your family and friends know how excited you are about becoming a mummy and what this holiday means to you. Be sure to include the names of both your baby and partner in this card.  And also, thank family and friends for their support during this new chapter in your life. 

3.      Creating your own Mummy’s First Christmas Card

If you want to create an entirely new card for your first Christmas, you can do so with the help of digital printing services like Boomf. With digital printing, you get full creative control over your design and can create the exact card you want. This can be a great way to really tie your card into your personality and the way you celebrate Christmas.


We hope that the above has helped you figure out what sort of card you want to send to your family and friends this Christmas. Whether you create a traditional photo card or a modern emoji card, there are plenty of ways to express your excitement this Christmas and make your first Christmas card as a mummy something special.

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