Navigating the Novelties and Possibilities of Remote Work

Current global events demand many changes to our daily and long-term lives. This does not mean, however, that designing a new routine must be just as difficult. The digital world was already well-equipped to keep people occupied and motivated. A few upgrades here and there have even established remote working as the exciting future of employment. This shift alone has caused positive ripple effects in terms of professional and personal opportunities. The areas below, in particular, are experiencing widespread transformation and can be beneficial, with the right direction.

Job Opportunities

Adverts for remote job roles are multiplying every day. Major companies, from Google and Twitter to Penguin Random House, are no less eager to offer such positions. While not quite as engaging as working in an actual office, it still requires time and effort, all of which counts towards your CV. Changes to business management also mean that there are plenty of ways to make an impression. Considering employers’ working life will include paying special attention to remote performance and productivity, doing your best is more likely to make an impression. Additionally, the range of industries with an online presence creates unique career prospects, as well as ways to stand out from your colleagues.


One way to prove your worth is by boosting your skillset through the abundance of online training available now. With discounts and even free courses on offer on websites like Future Learn and HubSpot, all you need is to decide what to learn next. Whether applying for a job or planning to take on the lifestyle of a digital nomad, knowing the business and your own worth within it is essential. The latter career option, for instance, has become a top preference for those wishing to escape 9-to-5 work styles. But it demands sound tech foundations, at the very least. Apart from mobile and travel equipment, qualifications in web design and freelance professions will come in handy.


Data surfacing over the years suggests that remote work can reduce distractions and increase tasks per shift. An experiment conducted by Nicholas Bloom and James Liang in 2013 using volunteers from the latter’s telecommunications company confirmed a 13% boost in productivity from employees working from home. The variety of jobs and home environments out there may cause experiences to differ, but what you can take from this is that your performance is something you can control. A home office should be tailored to specific needs. Is there enough lighting, space, quiet and stimulation? If your routines will mostly take place in the house, adapting them to include fulfilling breaks, exercise and socialisation contributes to your motivation too.

This is a perfect time to get to know the virtual wonders at your disposal. The benefits to your professional performance and opportunities are not to be underestimated. Nor are those to a remote worker’s personal lifestyle. Using a familiar, comfortable space can improve productivity, but also urge you towards healthier and more social habits. Best practices and tools are just waiting to be discovered.

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