As more TV shows move to new streaming services, Netflix is creating more original content to keep subscribers watching. But how much of this original content is worth your time? We’ve all been sold in before with a great first season, only to feel cheated when what follows falls short.

So to find out which Netflix original shows are worth your time, the team over at Onlinecasinos as part of their report into Netflix, used Rotten Tomatoes critical scores to find which Netflix Originals had the biggest improvement, remained the most consistent, and had the biggest drop off in quality from first to latest season.

Shows Worth Your Time – Biggest Improvements in Quality

Unsure at the start? Stick with them, these shows all get better!

Shows Worth Your Time – Most Consistent 

If you liked these from the start, stick with them, they stay strong!

Shows Not Worth Your Time – Biggest Drops in Quality

Don’t waste your time watching these shows, it’s not worth it in the end!

All data from OnlineCasinos.

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