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Getting yourself checked over isn’t always easy and, following our family’s loss, I’ve been left with the mindset that getting old is a privilege, not a right.
Getting yourself checked over isn’t always easy and, following our family’s loss, I’ve been left with the mindset that getting old is a privilege, not a right.

Friends have, over the years, likened my constitution to my late dad’s. Hard working, and rarely ill, we are Northern pit ponies, rather than pampered, pedigree pups! This might sound harsh, but I get what they mean.

So, my Dad’s death was a surprise. A fit, healthy – or so we thought – man of just 70, struck down with terminal cancer. This was a man who’d prided himself on being fit and able throughout his life, playing five-a-side football well into his sixties. He went from healthy to having no treatment options in a matter of months. How could this be?

Like my parents, I’m blessed with good health. Sure, I take care of myself, exercise almost every day and I’m not a big drinker. But my dad’s death left me with a worry as to whether there was a ticking timebomb in me at all? I suspect that his constitution, ultimately, did him no favours. Like many men, he passed over signs and symptoms until they couldn’t be ignored, and it was too late. It’s the only time I haven’t wanted to be like him…

At 48, I’m under the official NHS threshold for most forms of testing, so, like so many others – be it for speed, ease, access to technology, or peace of mind, like me – I went private choosing Nuffield Health Leicester Hospital and their 360+ Health Assessment. This would, I hope give me a full MOT – inside and out – so that I could move forward knowing if trouble might be brewing.

Living in a time when just getting an appointment with your GP is like winning the lottery…

Getting yourself checked over isn’t always easy and, following our family’s loss, I’ve been left with the mindset that getting old is a privilege, not a right.

For me, knowledge is power and I believe that prevention is better than cure, but what was fascinating was that when I told close friends and family that I was going in for the Assessment, I got such a mixed bag of reactions. Half sided with me: they’d want to know, so they can deal with it whereas the other half didn’t want to know what was going on inside. They’d deal with things if and when it ever reared its ugly head. It’s everyone’s personal choice but it did surprise me that people would rather leave things to fate rather than fight.

The 360+ Health Assessment is accessed by you. If you want it, you book it and buy it. You don’t need a doctor to refer you at all and there are no long waiting lists; you simply get in touch and book in on a date of your choosing. Access to healthcare at your discretion and convenience? How novel. ;-P

My Assessment took place at the Nuffield Health Leicester Hospital…

Prior to the day itself, you’re invited to send in a stool sample, which sounds messy, but is an easy enough process. These results are ready by the time I go in for my physical.

With a reception area more akin to a hotel than a hospital, I was met by Jonny Yates, my Health Assessor (officially known as Site Lead Clinic Physiologist). In a private room, we discuss my general health, my diet, and look over my posture, general mobility and blood pressure. It’s a very easy conversation in an environment where you can ask questions and receive answers.

Jonny probes into my lifestyle and in particular stress: how stressed I feel and how I manage it. Being self-employed in a climate like the one we’re ‘enjoying’ at the moment, I know – and suspected – that stress might be something for me to watch.

As a fully vaccinated, but two-times Covid catcher, my breathing, it transpires, is also something for me to mindful of, as Covid has literally taken some of the wind out of my sails, but it can be improved. He also takes bloods and they’re also sent off for urgent analysis in the lab next door.

This data is flipped over to the Doctor, Dr Ajay Bagga, who’s ready and waiting for appraisal and assessment. I have to say that I loved this joined-up, concierge-style service. In a normal world, I suspect, you’d be waiting for weeks (or months) for your follow up. Actually, that’s untrue. I suspect this proactive approach to health just isn’t possible at all on the NHS.

Hour two is spent with the Doctor, who not only takes the data gathered in your previous session, but expands on this with assessments of your posture, ENT (ear, nose, throat), prostate and testes. Gents, there is no need to feel shy, as it’s all handled very sensitively, so to speak. I’m sure any female assessment is equally respectful.

Fully armed and fully clothed again, I’m invited to sit and the Doctor runs through my tests and, most importantly, what’s been learned about my body and inner workings. This analysis is presented in a 13-page 360+ Health Assessment, which is later emailed to you, but gone through in person, page by page with encouragement to ask questions to aid understanding. Within this detailed report, we look at my risks of heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and more.

Hour three, I revert to the care of Jonny for my fit test and his overall assessment and recommendations. He helps me understand, amongst other things, the correlation between weight, BMI and body fat. It even tells me how my body stacks up against the general male population. Turns out, I’m tracking well for my age.

Nuffield Health’s 360+ Health Assessment

So, what do you get?

Whilst I won’t go into my own personal ins and outs – I don’t have 13 pages to do so – what’s suffice to say is that I now have a thorough understanding of me, inside and out. As a direct result of my 360+ Health Assessment, I have the luxury of time and can see, subject to no major curveballs out of my control, what might ail me in years to come. Conversely, I know where my strengths also are and how I can improve these yet further, as middle age approaches (and beyond).

How much does it cost?

Priced at £899 (with an added 1 month’s free membership to Nuffield Gym) it has given me and my family confidence. In one fell swoop, it has laid to rest the niggles and fears at the back of mind. In shining a light on the Assessment, I hope others feel confident in trying it for themselves. Hell, it might even help someone live longer and better. As hoped, it’s given me knowledge. Most importantly, it means that my future doesn’t have to be the same as my Dad’s – God Rest His Soul. And for me, that’s priceless.

Where can I find out more?

For information about the 360+ Health Assessment, visit

A useful video can be found here:

Many thanks to the team at Nuffield Health Leicester Hospital.

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