Nationwide Pet Store Launched To Support Pet Owners Through The Cost of Living Crisis

Support for pet owners through the cost of living crisis

Pet owners feel the pinch with food and toys alone totalling £535 per year.

Many dogs were adopted or bought during the pandemic. Now with spiralling costs due to the cost of living crisis, ManyPets have partnered with local sharing app OLIO to launch something to help. The nationwide pet share will encourage pet parents to give their pre-loved items a new home – contributing to a less wasteful pet community whilst making pet ownership easier for others.

As the cost of living continues to rise across the country, 89% of pet owners would be interested in giving unused items to other local animal owners. Only 23% of pet parents currently donate goods to charity, while 16% store unwanted items indefinitely.

New research from ManyPets and local community sharing app OLIO reveals that struggling pet owners are spending £535 a year on food and toys alone.

44% also admit to feeling guilty or embarrassed at the amount of things they buy their cat or dog which end up unused.

The average pet owner has an average of 24 items including toys, outfits, beds and treats stashed away unused, that could otherwise be rehomed.

On average, owners have spent £239 on unwanted pet food during their pet’s lifetime due to their pet’s indecisiveness. In addition to £183 on snubbed toys and accessories.

By joining Olio, you’ll be able to help yourself as a pet owner during the cost of living crisis throughout the UK. Olio connects neighbours with each other so they can give away, rather than throw away spare food and other household items.

Join Olio, the #1 free sharing app.

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