It’s no secret that Olverum helped us get through lockdown. Their bath oil is an elixir of beauty and we’d while away many an evening in a heavenly scented bath, as we escaped the dramas of the real world.

It turns out, you guys listened and fell in love too and, as a result, they’ve expanded the Olverum range into this gorgeous new Body Polish.

Olverum’s Body Polish enables you to enjoy the benefits of a luxurious spa-quality treatment at home – which is great if you prefer to spa at home. This soufflé-feel dual-action exfoliator gently, but effectively, buffs skin to velvet smoothness. We tried it on the Mother in Law’s wrinkly old arms and the difference was visibly noticeable thanks to the blend of essential oils. She tried to steal the sample jar and take it home, but she got short shrift.

There’s a common-held misapprehension that body scrubs should be scratchy to work. Wrong. You actually don’t want to micro-tear the skin. Instead, you apply Olverum Body Polish with firm circular motions for around five minutes to boost circulation, encouraging cell renewal and stimulating the lymphatic system to give skin a naturally healthy glow. For the best results, combine with their Olverum Firming Body Oil to leave your skin buffed, smooth and noticeably younger-looking.

Olverum’s Body Polish distils the brand’s nine decades of green wellness expertise into a synergistic formulation of innovative ingredients. Sustainably sourced Papaya Enzyme melts away dead skin cells organically allowing silky, deep-cleansing; Hydroclay lifts and eliminates impurities, meanwhile, mechanical exfoliants Bamboo Extract and Pumice polish the skin to a satin-feel finish enabling a nourishing cocktail of essential oils to penetrate to where they are needed most.

Firming Bergamot, Lavandin, and Geranium Oils work in concert to boost elasticity, while aromatic contouring botanicals Grapefruit Oil and Fennel Oil brighten skin tone and spirit alike. Blending harmoniously with the invigorating scents of Patchouli Oil and Ylang, this carefully balanced formula leaves skin feeling refined, supple, and glowing with a renewed lustre – and that’s something that never goes out of style, no matter your age.

Available at SpaceNK and Olverum.com, RRP £38 (200ml)

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