Qualified massage therapist and trainer Kathryn Ellis has launched a unique online partner massage training course for beginners, to help people de-stress during the UK’s extended lockdown.

Her aim is to help men and women of all ages get the most out of giving or receiving a massage at home.

In her video, Kathryn gives people handy hints (terrible pun) and tips on how to give an effective massage without causing pain or injury to yourself, whilst giving maximum benefit to your partner.
From kneeling with a pillow to alleviate knee problems, to correct positioning and technique to ensure maximum comfort for you both throughout, the video is filled with advice and information for best practice.

The online course lasts less than three hours. It consists of an introduction from Kathryn followed by a 50-minute massage broken down into 10 segments, each lasting between five minutes and 17 minutes. The second half of the course runs the entire tutorial, so students can practise alongside Kathryn and comes with a series of downloadable PDFs giving people more advice and information as they make their way through the course.

To find out more details, or to book on to the course, click here. 
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