Tailoring Your Outdoor Space for Warmer Weather

Preparing Your Outdoor Space For Warmer Weather

Summer has certainly arrived and this means baseball games, swimming pools and entertaining at home. There are tasks that must be done in summer to make your home more comfortable and visually appealing.

Every homeowner has their own taste and preferences for upkeep, but many responsibilities will be common among neighbors. See what you need to do to keep your outdoor space looking great and healthy for the summer.

Lawn Care & Yardwork

The grass is the first object a visitor sees when approaching your home, so of course you want a healthy lawn to display. This means well-kept green grass with no weeds. Take time to pick up twigs and place your mulch. Trimming your trees is also recommended. Mow, fertilize and water your yard to give it the best possible chance for long-term health. It may feel like the yardwork never ends, but this is what comes with home ownership. Constant care and attention is key to a lawn that shines in scorching heat.

Place Patio Furniture

Getting your patio ready is the fun part. It’s time to take those cushions out of storage and do any rearranging or purchasing of new items. Consider if you’ll be entertaining a lot over the summer and what pieces you’ll need to show people a good time. Sweep the patio often and be sure to remove any weeds. If you don’t have any privacy installed, you should look at the cost of installing a fence or installing extra bushes. It’s nice to have this feeling of seclusion at your home.

Plant your Garden

Warmer weather means it’s also time to prepare and plant your garden. If you’re new to gardening, don’t worry, there are plenty of online resources out there to help get you started. For example, check out Bingo Blooms to learn what flowers you should plant in which month and how to care for the blooms. You’ll also want to be mindful where in your garden you plant each flower so you’re sure to see them thrive. You can even become a planting master in your garden as you plan your masterpiece, even now in the summer.

Wash Windows

As the weather turns nice out, you’ll want to step outside and see how your windows look. After a long winter and a possibly wet spring they will most likely be dirty and grimy. Take a tour of your windows from inside your home too. You can hire a professional or tackle the task on your own if you feel necessary. If you do it yourself, then make sure you have the right equipment and enough time to get through all of your windows. You’ll love the sparkle they give your home after the project is completed.


Preparing your outdoor space for warmer weather isn’t easy, but it’s doable. It takes hard work and a positive attitude to tackle all of the individual tasks. You won’t be disappointed when it’s all done. Enjoy the warm weather and your labor from your beautiful outdoor patio space.

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