The Perfect Congratulations Presents to Gift a New Driver

Presents to Gift a New Driver
Presents to Gift a New Driver

The ability to drive legally is a justifiable cause for celebration when you are young. Passing that final driving test is a modern rite of passage for older teens and young adults, so you can’t show up without a gift that suits the occasion, at least not without feeling awkward anyway! If you are confused regarding what exactly would be the perfect gift for the young new driver, fret not because we have a small list for you next.

Car Mats

Car mats are among the best and most personalised gifts that any new driver can receive. They add personality to the car in a way that reflects the owner’s own preferences and lifestyle. For example, did you know that there are officially branded car mats that represent your favourite football or soccer team? Just choose the right car make, model and year while ordering, before adding further personalisation touches to make the car mat truly look like it was custom-made for its intended recipient. In fact, some manufacturers will even give you options to choose the material, which is a bonus.

Sound System

If you are feeling particularly generous and the car does not have a good built-in sound system, it’s a good option that all young drivers will love. It’s best suited if the car they are driving around is a hand-me-down, because new cars seldom come without a decent sound system these days.

Beware though, as quality, legally compliant car audio systems can be quite expensive, especially since it will also include the cost of uninstalling the old sound system and installing the new gift. JBL, Alphasonik, and Pioneer have recently released some excellent options.

Jump Starter Box

The jump starter box is one of those gifts that’s both useful and relatively cheap, which is indeed a rare combination for car related gifts at least. Young drivers make mistakes and if Breaking Bad has taught us anything, leaving the engine on is a great way to find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere! Irrespective of the reason though, a dead battery can be a real nuisance to deal with.

The jump starter box will keep such mishaps from becoming a danger for the young driver, because it can be used to jump start car engines, even if the original battery is completely dead. They come in a wide range of options, but you should only be concerned about whether it has enough juice in it to jump start the intended car.

A Camera System

It’s a bit more expensive than the jump starter box, but that expense would be well worth it. Camera systems are not available for all car models, but that’s changing. For now, if the new driver is driving around in a slightly older model that does not come with a dashcam, parking camera, and rear-view cameras, you should be able to change that with your gift. Just make sure that whatever you do choose is indeed compatible with the driver’s car.

There is always the big gift, which is of course, a brand-new car. Unless you are one of the parents, or the rich uncle/aunt, skip this one and stick with any one of the gifts mentioned here.

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