Prints, Purple and Personal Touches: Choosing the Right Curtains

Choosing the Right Curtains

They preserve heat, keep out the light, and hold the power to transform any living space. Whatever your style preferences, most of us will agree that curtains are a fundamental furnishing for our homes.

A lot of us, however, struggle with knowing what exactly to look for in this necessary item. Because of their ability to enhance a room, we want to be certain that we are choosing the right prints, designs and colours.

With no one person being the same, however, how do we decide the right way to decorate our own homes? The answer is to choose the what looks and feels right to you – this guide will help you figure that out.


Opting for fabrics that have practical as well as visual appeal can benefit each room in the home massively. We all appreciate things better with a good night’s sleep – and so curtains that are beautiful, hide the outside light, and ensure warmth in winter help any house or apartment hugely.

Aiming for brands like Direct Blinds that guarantee all three of these qualities can therefore be greatly advantageous. By ensuring that your curtains are suitable all year round, you can be assured that they will always generate the impact you want.


Why not bring your favourite colour into your home? This way, you’re responding to your style desires while filling your rooms with a shade guaranteed to brighten your mood, which we all need when we come to close the curtains at night. And if you’re concerned about making the wrong decision, there are various guides on  mood boards, testers, sheens available online to aid you in the planning process.

If you’re stuck for ideas, think of an interior you associate with a happy memory and identify the colours that stick out to you. Whether it’s the green of the sea or purple hues of your teenage bedroom, you can modify these to fit your current tastes and generate your intended effect for each room.


Whether its an Alice in Wonderland-inspired dining room, a fairy tale play room, or a kitchen-come-bar, some of us really want to create certain themes throughout our homes. And few things can evoke our favourite scenes than an image – as the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words. And as our choice in curtains can really amplify a room’s mood, why not look for prints that retell our favourite stories?

You don’t have to stop at stories, either. There are several different ways to use and combine patterns creatively in the home, all of which can be applied to curtains. Drawing on inspiring themes, you’ll revolutionise your home whilst ensuring it remains personal to you.

For a lot of us, our homes are extensions of our personalities. Therefore, it’s important that the most prominent features of each room – such as our curtains – reflect this. And the right set can really invigorate any living area.

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