Recently Moved? What You Should Consider When Changing Dentists

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Moving is a stressful time. There are many factors to consider, things that need doing before the move and the actual moving day itself. After moving and once you are in your new home, there is the additional challenge of updating your address and information for bills and work.

Another is finding a new dentist. If you have moved to a new city or another area, you will want to find a dental practice local to you.

These are a few things to keep in mind when you are looking to move dental practices.

Inform Your Old Dentist Of Your Move

You can change your NHS dentist at any time. Once you have found a new NHS dentist or practice to join, inform your old dentist. Ensure that you also cancel any of the upcoming appointments that you had scheduled with them. Additionally, if you are undergoing dental treatment, ensure you have paid for the treatment you have received.

If you are changing from a private to an NHS dentist, you will fill out a registration form for your new dentist. It will usually be on your first visit to give them all of the information needed to request your dental records from your last private dentist. The same is true for those transferring from an NHS dentist to a private one.

Read The Reviews Available

Unlike hotels and restaurants, there are limited dental review sites available online. As such, you will have to take the time to research into what practices are near. If you moved to London, you might be overwhelmed with the number of dentists available. However, search for dentists in your area and see what reviews are available. You will find practices like Fulham Road Dental – a highly rated dentist in Fulham boasting a five-star rating. Reading through the reviews of the dentists you find can help you select a new dentist.

Know Their Opening Hours

Check to see the opening hours of the dental practices you are thinking about joining. Are the opening hours convenient for you? Ensure that their business hours suit fit around your schedule. Should you ever need it, see if they have any availabilities of late openings. It is helpful if you have to book an appointment after work.

There Are No Catchment Limitations

When registering at a GP, you need to be in the catchment area. When choosing a dentist, the catchment area is not an issue. You have the freedom to select a practice that meets your requirements – even if it is not near your home. Being able to look further afield is something that many dental patients do not realise. They assume that they have to go to their closest surgery. Whilst you may want someone local, know that you have the option to travel a little bit should you find a practice better suited for you.

The Bottom Line

When moving, changing your dentist does not have to be a headache. By doing research and considering any recommendations, you can find a dentist that is best suited to help you maintain good oral hygiene. As you enjoy life in your new home, you can do so with a gleaming, healthy smile.

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