We chat to Rural Business Awards’ Anna Price & Jemma Clifford

We chat to Rural Business Awards' Anna Price & Jemma Clifford

As the Rural Business Awards celebrates its 3rd birthday, we speak to Anna Price and Jemma Clifford about the Awards and how people can get involved.

What is the background of the Rural Business Awards?

ANNA: We came up with the idea for the Rural Business Awards in late 2014 while we were sitting round a big farmhouse table thinking of ways we could bring together people running rural businesses. At the time Jemma and I were both working on our own businesses and I was working for Jemma helping her to develop her strategy. We came up with the idea at about lunch time and by 4pm had already engaged a headline sponsor and were working on selecting venues! The rest has been an utter whirlwind!

The aim of the awards is to give recognition to businesses operating right across the Rural sector, to acknowledge the breadth and depth of opportunity presented by the Great British countryside, as well
as to celebrate the achievements of our rural businesses, from engineering through to artisan food producers and professional services organisations.

The thirteen award categories are decided by an independent panel of judges drawn from the rural business sector, official agencies and rural charitable organisations.

The 2017 Awards Programme in Partnership with the CLA has now been bolstered by the support of Amazon which we are incredibly proud of – not only is it great for the awards, it’s also great that a Global corporation like Amazon is interested and values the rural business sector enough to give it such prominence in its National strategy.

What is your favourite thing about your job?

ANNA: Well the fact I run three businesses makes me love what I do…! I need constant stimulation and new projects and challenges. In terms of the RBA’s I love the people we get to meet and engage with each year.

JEMMA: The fact that the Rural Business Awards is positioned in the rural market and genuinely there to assist the rural market too is one of the things I love. My passion is rural and it runs through my veins. I get to indulge in finding out about some of the amazing rural businesses that exist in the UK and they continue to amaze me not just with their ruralness but with their ability to overcome the challenges and stand proud.

What are you most proud of in the last year?

ANNA: Having negotiated and secured the Amazon sponsorship before our third birthday

JEMMA: All of it! The fact we are into our third ceremony makes me proud, the fact we have secured Amazon was the icing on the cake, it validated what we knew about the potential of The Rural Business
Awards. Im also proud of us. We have continued to grow as a team, and overcome the challenges.

What is the biggest challenge that you face?

ANNA: For me one of the biggest challenges I face is running the businesses whilst being a Mum to two young girls – my family are the best, and support me and understand that I’m actually a better wife,Mum and daughter if I work.

JEMMA: Time, Id like more hours in every day. I work – a lot. Sometimes I feel like I miss out on friends and family time and I find that upsetting at times. I hope for a day when I can achieve more balance but for now the focus is firmly on The Rural Business Awards and harnessing its potential.

What do you think is the most valuable lesson you have ever learnt?

ANNA: In life – that being different is a gift, we each have our own uniqueness that makes us special – if we learn accept our differences and embrace them we can live a life that is authentic. Never apologise for
who you are.

JEMMA: Wow, that’s a bit deep! But it would have to be respect I think. Respect for one another, for differences, for situations. Rarely is everything exactly as it seems.

What does the future hold?

ANNA: For me – I’d like to make my tech business as successful as the RBA’s, and deliver our exciting plans for the next three years of Rural Business Awards growth!

JEMMA: Hopefully an incredibly successful third ceremony and a secured three year future for the awards. I’d like to make the awards my primary focus for the next few years. I have a website design and
marketing company too that I am currently leaving in the safe hands of my studio manager. Like I said ‘risk it for a biscuit and enjoy the ride!’ I also hope that the business partnership between us both continues to grow, I don’t think I could admire anyone as much as I do Anna.

For more information and the finalists for the awards, visit: https://www.ruralbusinessawards.co.uk/

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