Russell Grant’s May 2023 Horoscopes

Find out what’s in store for you this month with your May 2023 Horoscope from the UK’s best and biggest astrologer, Russell Grant

ARIES (March 21st – April 20th)

Making time for old friends will have a powerful effect on your self-esteem on the 1st. Starting on the 16th, more money will pour in, giving you the resources to purchase beautiful luxuries. The New Moon on the 19th is perfect for going to a job interview or audition. Your charisma will soar on the 20th; use it to lure an attractive person into your web of intrigue. Beware of trying to buy someone’s affection on the 23rd.

TAURUS (April 21st – May 21st)

Your work life becomes less tumultuous on the 1st; it will be a relief to resume a normal pace again. Taking a pleasure trip on the 7th is worth your time and money; you’ll get an energy boost from the beautiful surroundings. You’ll be looking your best on the 19th, courtesy of a supportive New Moon. Launching a home improvement project is favoured for the 20th. A nice pay rise or promotion will arrive on the 21st.

GEMINI (May 22nd – June 21st)

It will be necessary to revise ambitious travel or educational plans on the 1st; fortunately, you’re flexible enough to roll with these punches. Secret negotiations will resume on the 14th, making you excited about the future. The New Moon on the 19th is perfect for taking a relaxing break, preferably to a place that’s famous for its natural beauty. The 21st is ideal for delving deep into a course of study that will change your life.

CANCER (June 22nd – July 23rd)

The Lunar Eclipse on the 5th forces you to change your priorities. Your natural good looks and charisma will soar on the 7th. The New Moon on the 19th will cause good friends to rally to your side, promoting your talent and advancing your interests. Trust your intuition about an emotional or financial opportunity on the 21st. If you can’t gain admission to an educational institution on the 28th, start reading books and watching videos on your favourite subject.

LEO (July 24th – August 23rd)

The Lunar Eclipse on the 5th marks the end of a painful domestic situation. You’ll have a chance to create a comfortable home where you can relax. Thanks to an innovative proposal, all eyes will be on you at work on the 9th. Your professional prospects get much better starting on the 16th. Don’t be surprised if you’re offered your dream job on the 19th, courtesy of the New Moon. You could meet someone special on the 21st through a mutual friend.

VIRGO (August 24th – September 23rd)

A health matter that needs your attention will cause you to slow down on the 1st. Your romantic life will undergo a beautiful transformation on the 16th, whether you’re single or attached. Love will come for singletons, while attached Virgins will enjoy a delightful second honeymoon phase. The New Moon on the 19th is perfect for taking a vacation or indulging in a passionate rendezvous.

LIBRA (September 24th – October 23rd)

A powerful attraction will release its hold on your heart on the 1st, allowing you to turn your attention to other areas of life. On the 5th, the Lunar Eclipse ends a belief that’s been holding you back from ultimate success. Landing a long-term work assignment on the 13th is a distinct possibility. The New Moon on the 19th is perfect for indulging your sensual side, either with a romantic partner or a spa treatment. A surprise windfall comes your way on the 26th.

SCORPIO (October 24th – November 22nd)

Big changes on the home front will slow down on the 1st, giving you a chance to adjust to all the shifts that have recently happened. The Lunar Eclipse on the 5th forces you to abandon some attitudes that have been undermining a solid bond. On the 16th, your personal life will become a source of profound joy when someone admits their love and admiration for you. Your home life is destined to get much brighter on the 21st.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd – December 21st)

Confusing feelings could create problems in a close relationship on the 4th. On the 5th, the Lunar Eclipse brings secrets out into the open, allowing you to close the door on a relationship or circumstance that no longer serves you. The New Moon on the 19th drops a wonderful job offer in your lap; you’ll enjoy working in luxurious or natural surroundings. Friendship could easily turn to romance on the 21st.

CAPRICORN (December 22nd – January 20th)

The Lunar Eclipse on the 5th causes a rift between you and a flighty friend who demands constant attention. Lovely news from your best friend or romantic partner makes your heart soar on the 13th; it’s time to go out and celebrate. On the 16th, you’ll notice a dramatic improvement in your love life. The New Moon on the 19th is perfect for taking a financial or emotional risk. Don’t discuss personal plans at work on the 28th.

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