With the spookiest day of the year nearly upon us, a new report by uncovers the top 10 scariest (and least scariest, if you’re a bit of a wimp, easily scared), films of all time…

After crunching the data on IMDB, the scariest film is… Alien! Surprising, huh? The 1979 sci-fi flick is followed closely by classic horror film The Shining, featuring Jack Nicholson. Other cult classic horror films that have made the top 10 are The Exorcist, and Halloween, the franchise that features iconic serial killer, Michael Myers.

The top ten scariest movies are:
Rank (scariest)
Sub genre
Movie Title
1 Science-fiction Alien
2 Thriller The Shining
3 Comedy horror Get Out
4 Supernatural The Exorcist
5 Science-fiction A Quiet Place
6 Slasher Halloween
7 Slasher Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
8 Post-apocalyptic 28 Days Later…
9 Post-apocalyptic World War Z
10 Supernatural The Conjuring

According to the research, the least scariest film is Prom Night. Starring Brittany Snow, the film shows an obsessed teacher released from jail, who kills Snow’s friends on (you guessed it!), her Prom night. Several supernatural films feature in the bottom 10, including The Devil Inside, Annabelle Comes Home, Boogeyman, The Unborn, and Ouijia.

Classic thriller film Jaws has been voted as the third least scariest horror film of all times, with the killer shark clearly not as scary as it was back in the ‘70s and ‘80s!

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