The Spiciest Book Raising Heart Rates By Almost 80%

A new study conducted by Buzz Bingo discovered what is the spiciest book to read right now!

Taking eight of the most recommended books that appeared across the popular #spicybooktok hashtag on TikTok, Buzz Bingo combined reviews, hashtag data and average heart rate increase from a group of participants that read the raunchiest pages of each book, creating a unique ‘spice’ rating.

Coming in hot, giving readers an average heart rate increase of 79% is the popular fantasy romance novel, A Court of Thorn and Roses, written by Sarah J Maas. The spiciest book dives into a firey and unlikely romance between a huntress and a beastly faerie, ever wondered how a mythical creature turns romance into pleasure? This book is a must read with chapters 27 and 42 bringing maximum spice.

The rest of the spicy books in the raunchy ranking according to heart rate increase below:

An iconic 2011 erotic romance novel made it to second place on the spice ranking. ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ is arguably a staple when it comes to raunchy reads and sent readers’ heart rates up by 75.76%, with the spiciest scenes appearing during chapter 18.

Meanwhile, H.D. Carlton’s book, ‘Does It Hurt?‘ landed in third place. Released in July 2022, this book sent the readers’ heart rates soaring by 70.15%. It has been described as an ’emotional shipwreck’ with its spiciest scenes appearing in Chapter 21. The novel follows a classic enemies to lovers storyline, and even landed itself as an Amazon top five bestseller.

Some of the books that didn’t get readers quite as hot and bothered (but still rather flustered) included the list’s newest release, Icebreaker, Hannah Grace’s novel only hit shelves in November 2022 and saw heart rates increase by an impressive 60.27% during chapter 19. 

Looking to get your own heart racing? Discover the full list of books and their ratings over on the campaign page here: Raunchiest Books | Buzz Bingo

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