January can be a tough month as it is but add in a national lockdown and home schooling and it’s no wonder that many are starting or are already feeling the strain. We are all in an impossible situation as employees, mothers, fathers, and grandparents caring for others writes LAMP’s CEO Sue Langley, and it now seems somewhat ironic that we are in a situation where a lot of us have no time for self-care.

Here she offers some advice on how to feel like we’re back on even ground and focus on the few things we have control over, one of which is how we treat ourselves.


Often we have an internal narrative happening in our head that we aren’t aware of. How we speak to ourselves matters so much because it has a direct impact on how we feel. Take note of how you’re speaking to yourself and try and be more positive.


One of the biggest things we have control over is acceptance. When we accept our situation, emotions, and feelings they have less power over us and in turn we feel more at peace. With the uncertainty of Covid-19 and national lockdown, acceptance of the situation we are in and all the emotions that go with it helps.

Break it down

When everything gets too much break it down into small tasks and ask yourself if it is achievable. If it’s not, work out what can wait until another day.

Self care

Try and find some time for yourself, even if it’s 10 minutes to escape for a walk, run, online yoga class, mindfulness or just a cup of tea in peace.


Most importantly if it all gets too much reach out and talk to people, it’s OK to not be OK and there is help out there. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and talk to a professional like your GP if talking to family and friends doesn’t help.

If you need urgent support or help you can also refer yourself to our services here (click ‘make an urgent referral’)

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