According to new research by regulated property buyers, Good Move, it takes people, on average, just 16.5 minutes to view a potential property. So, for those looking to sell their home, they don’t have long to leave a good and lasting impression. Here are their top 5 tips to help you dress your house to impress!

 1. Banish bad smells

36% of buyers have encountered bad smells such as damp, animals, and cigarettes when viewing a property. Therefore, it’s important to eliminate off-putting smells. Open windows and light scented candles to banish bad odours.

2. Fix minor issues

All those little jobs mount up and most prospective buyers want to move into a property that requires minimum maintenance and repairs, therefore fixing any minor issues like cracked tiles or worn patches of carpet can make all the difference.

3. Up the curb appeal

The first thing buyers will see is the exterior, so look to increase your curb appeal by making the garden is tidy, hide away rubbish bins, and give doors and drainpipes a fresh lick of paint.

4. If you have pets, make sure you clean up after them

17% of buyers have come across animal faeces on floors and furnishings whilst viewing a property- like eurgh! Clean up stains and empty litter trays before every viewing!

5. Avoid family disputes

1 in 10 buyers have stumbled upon a family argument when viewing a house – awkward! Moving can be stressful, so prompt other members of your household to pop out for an hour or so to avoid any arguments arising – probably best with social distancing etc!

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