After what can be described a challenging year, it’s about time we all put on our comfiest knits and relax, and what’s to say our homes don’t deserve a bit of tlc too?

Christmas can be a busy time of year, which is why the experts at Heal’s have come up with some simple, affordable ways you can use a range of home accessories to give your home that warm, inviting feeling.

Use Throws and Blankets

It can be hard getting used to working in a small office space at home, especially now that the temperature is plummeting. Soft furnishings like throws can be the perfect way to add warmth to a room while you work. From teddy textures to velvety blankets, a throw can quickly transform your workspace into a cosy office den.

Expert tips: Throws and blankets are great for layering up during the winter months and adding that extra bit of warmth to your bed or sofa when it’s cold. The great thing about throws is they can be used all year-round, by swapping your heavier fur throw for a thinner fleece blanket, you’ll be prepared no matter what season.  

Add Some Mood Lighting 

Soft, relaxing light fixtures can often change a room’s atmosphere and transform even the largest of rooms into a snug space.

Choose a globe fixture to diffuse a warm ambience across the room or even one with some gold or metallic accents, that reflect the light and create a doubly comforting atmosphere. Try and replace any harsh lighting with table lamps or fixtures that will spread warmth across the room.

Expert tips: The way you light a room can help determine your level of energy. By adding some warmer, golden lighting can make a huge difference to the atmosphere of a room. The ambient feel can not only physically adjust the lighting of a room, but also add some warmth and depth to it. It is really important to create mood lighting in your home, as it can often improve your mood and energy levels. 

Snug Rugs

Although you may think that rugs are only suitable for uncarpeted and wooden floors to change up the look of a room, they can actually be the perfect addition to make your office space feel that little bit warmer. Layer a shaggy or plush rug on top of your carpet and it’s sure to make your room feel extra cosy. Not only that, but it allows you to sidestep the need to wear slippers or socks to keep your feet warm.

Expert tips: Adding in a rug is often a great way to add a statement piece to any room. By  adding this texture it will instantly bring the room together, no matter what size it is. If you feel like your house is lacking in cosiness, lay down a rug or two and it will instantly add a warming atmosphere. 

Use Bold Colours

One thing that can really add to a room to make it feel warm is bright colours. Try painting your walls a warm mustard yellow or a soft blue to add a peaceful glow. If you are renting and unable to make physical changes, add these colours by using accessories such as throws, cushions, and rugs to create a calming serenity for your home.

Expert tips: Without even realising it, colour can really affect your mood and energy levels. Soft blues and bright reds have the ability to calm, relax, and inspire you. Adding a splash of colour not only brightens your home, it also instantly lifts your mood. 

Rethink Your Sofa

As we find ourselves spending more time indoors than ever this year, why not switch up your sofa for a plush velvet one? Not only does it create maximum comfort, the soft velvet texture can also make the atmosphere that little bit more inviting.

Expert tips: Velvet sofas are a great long term investment suitable for family living, as velvet is a high-quality polyester which is less likely to mark, crush or fade. Plus, velvet is perfect for adding warmth to your living room at this time of year, unlike leather that tends to get cold very easily.

Create Warmth with Candles 

Although it may seem obvious, candles are essential to make your home feel cosier. Not only do they give off a warm peaceful glow, if you opt for candles that are scented you can create those outdoor Christmas aromas to the comfort of your own home. Scents such as lavender or pine often evoke a feeling of peace and are also great for relieving stress.

Expert tips: Certain scented candles including, lavender, cinnamon, orange, and lemon can help reduce feelings of fear and anxiety, whilst reducing stress and lifting your mood. Their warm presence and low light can instantly relax you, and this will reflect on your home creating a lovely, soothing atmosphere.

Add Some House Plants

House plants are one of the best purchases for making your home feel cosy at this time of year, especially when venturing outside feels sometimes unbearable. Add some foliage to window sills, shelves, or even invest in some bigger plants to give your room a bit of personality. While the lack of natural light can make keeping plants over winter trickier, there are some great alternatives that you can use to make your space welcoming, including faux plants, rubber plants or plants that don’t require too much care.

Expert tips: Some of the best house plants for the winter are snake plants, aloe vera, or a cactus. They rarely need watering and often grow well in partial sunlight or shade. Having plants is great for your home during winter as they can fill up space or add a little something extra, whilst also having great benefits for your health.

Fill Your Walls With Pictures

One thing that quickly gives a home some personality is adding prints or pictures. If you are sitting in a room all day with blank walls it can negatively impact the atmosphere in your home. This can be anything from statement pieces to pictures of loved ones and will help you put your stamp on the place.

Can’t hang anything on the walls? Don’t worry, there are some great alternatives you can use to hang your art including using string or adhesive strips that won’t damage your wall.

Expert tips: Hanging pictures or art is a great way to make your house feel like home. Whether that is prints, art, or photos it can really make a difference to a room. While so many people are working at home, staring at blank walls all day can be quite tedious so hanging up your favourite prints can not only provide you with a bit of comfort during the winter, it can also inspire and motivate you whilst you work.  

Add Texture

Adding texture design is more than just a feeling, it makes a room instantly feel more inviting and homely, particularly with bold colours.

Pile up the cushions, add in some knits, have a few leather accents here and there and you’re onto a winner. Not only will this add an extra layer of comfort to your home, but also a mixture of textures brings depth which will help you to enjoy your space even more.

Expert tips: Adding texture is important to give your home character all year round, especially in the winter months. Using lots of different materials in your home from wood and leather, to knit and cotton can make it not only appealing but inviting when the weather is cold outside.  

Get Cosy with Curtains

Curtains are a great way of adding comfort and security, allowing you to feel protected as you shut out the dark, gloomy nights

Although blinds are practical, sometimes a room deserves a beautiful pair of curtains. So if you usually use blinds, why not try swapping them out this winter for some thick layered curtains that will not only trap in the heat but will also add a calming and cosy atmosphere to your living space.

Expert tips: Warm reds and wintery blues are great for adding a cosy feel to your home. As the cold weather starts creeping in, a bare window can leave your lounge or bedroom feeling draughty and extra cold. Try incorporating some textured curtains, velvet for a hint of luxury, or even tassels to give your room a splash of character.

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All credit to Heal’s: https://www.heals.com/sofas.html

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