The Benefits Of An Autumn Home Revamp To Our Wellbeing.

the benefits of an autumn home revamp to our wellbeing.

Refreshing our home can play a big part in our general wellbeing and helps boost our mood.

With October being Mental Health Month, landlord experts Alan Boswell Landlord Building Insurance partnered with Becky Dyson, co-founder of The Living House, to share insight on the benefits of an autumn home revamp to our wellbeing.

Here are three benefits of why we should rejuvenate our homes for autumn along with some simple decoration tips:

1. Helps combat seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

Around two million Brits have experienced seasonal affective disorder as the day gets shorter. Inject bright colours into your home or improve the lighting as darker days can disrupt our biological clocks and affect areas of our brain that produce mood-regulating hormones. Apply a fresh lick of paint, or play with fairy lights and candles. Try grouping several together on a tray – especially effective if candles of different heights and sizes are used!

2.  Warms up our home and boosts mood as the temperature drops

The interior choices made during warmer months might not be ideal year-round. Hence, it’s crucial to revamp our living space to give it that comforting home feeling, whether it’s using paint shades with warm undertones to brighten up a north-facing room with little sunlight, or adding textures and layers to furniture with cushions, throws and rugs – which in turn, helps keep the heating costs down too!

3. Declutters our mind and sparks creativity

A home refresh doesn’t always mean a full transformation, it can simply be a deep clean or moving furniture around. Decluttering regularly can bring substantial mental benefits with studies proving clutter contributes to our short attention spans. Not only does decluttering provide us with a refreshed headspace, but old items you find along the way could also spark new ideas, making you feel inspired!

Looking at the benefits of an autumn home revamp to our wellbeing the research shows that the trendiest autumnal colour to paint your head this year is Sulking Room Pink by Farrow and Ball.

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