What to watch this Winter- Boxset Bingers!

Best Boxsets To Binge This Winter

The weather’s gone rubbish and it’s dark by teatime so what are you going to do with your evening? Take up crochet? I don’t think so, lollipop!

The Dluxe team look at some of the best boxsets you might have missed but really shouldn’t have. Grab your remote control, a brew and the biscuit barrel. You can thank us later.

The Crown Season 5, Netflix

If you’ve not already tuned in then what’s kept you? The fifth season of The Crown takes us straight into the Queen’s ‘Annus Horriblis’ when it looked like the Royal Family as a concept was broken, not just some wedding vows. With a divisive new cast, we’re not sold on Imelda Staunton as Queen and Charles never looked so good, but still incredibly watchable, The Crown is perfect binge fodder for a foggy day. Oh, and Elizabeth Debicki as Diana? Sublime!

Gangs of London Season 2, Sky

A bit of a surprise hit for Sky, super violent Gangs of London has returned for another blood-splattered, sawn-off season of organised crime, kidnapping, and carnage. Since the Wallace family lost their grip on London, along with their lives, a strong hand has been needed to put people back in line and to make it clear that no matter how big you are, you’re far from safe in the city. Horrifically gory but oh so good, Gangs of London will have you hiding behind a cushion before the first ad break.

Russian Doll, Netflix

I’m amazed how many people have not seen and been totally consumed by one of the best boxsets on Netflix, Russian Doll. Starring and co-created by Orange, the New Black’s Natasha Lyonne. What’s worse than dying at your own birthday party? How about dying at your own birthday party only to wake up again and again at the same party for it all to happen all over again? Sound complicated? Then just wait for season 2 which throws intergenerational time travel into the equation. Am I selling it to you? It is indeed, craziness, but it’s also hilarious and thought-provoking- honest!

This Is Us, Amazon Prime

If you know, you know. At six seasons with 18, hour-long episodes per season, This Is Us will last year all the way through Winter- this is the ultimate BingeFest! When triplets are born to Jack and Rebecca life changes forever- meet the Pearsons; ‘First came me and Dad said Gee, then came me and Mom said Whee! then came me and they said, That’s Three!’ This Is Us follows one family from birth all the way to death and examines what it is that makes us love one another. Grab some tissues, you’re gonna need ‘em. 

Motherland, BBC IPlayer

They should show this series in schools as birth control. From playground politics to the trials of children’s parties – and we’re not talking kids we’re talking parents here, Motherland takes aims at middle-class mums and gives an honest warts and all account of what it takes to be a modern-day mother or father to small kids. School run showdowns, child care conundrums and dealing with that one mum who always does everything that little bit better than you. Motherland will put you off parenting for life.

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