The Engagement Moon

As spring wedding season approaches, a new trend emerges, the engagement moon. You have probably heard of a honeymoon and babymoon, but what exactly is an engagement moon? Couples are starting to take holidays after the proposal to relax, reconnect and enjoy being engaged. Who created this trend, you may ask? Meghan and Harry!

The first point of action after you get engaged is telling your loved ones. The text messages, social media posts and the influx of opinions can be overwhelming. Anxiety-ridden thoughts and wedding stress quickly replace the initial high of getting engaged. Daunting questions about children, houses, prenups and much more start flooding in as soon as the ring is out of the box.

The engagement moon allows couples to escape the wave of questions and just appreciate their time together. You can decompress and reminisce on your time together so far. Discuss your first date, best memories and how you imagine your future together. This is a perfect time to understand each other’s wishes for the wedding, so you avoid any stress-induced arguments later.

You’ve said ‘YES’, and you are now the proud owner of a beautiful ring, but before you start planning your dream wedding, take some time out and enjoy an engagement moon.

So, where should you go on your engagement moon?

A long weekend city break

Often engagements are a surprise event, so planning time off work and a whole trip can be a little unrealistic. However, a weekend is doable, and you can surprise your significant other with a trip to their favourite city.

Invest in a luxurious hotel as you will be spending a considerable amount of time there….

Go out on dates, dress up and indulge in fabulous dinners. Get the champagne flowing and have fun before the wedding stress begins!

A beach break

If you’re more of a beach bum type of couple, take a break to your dream destination in the sun. Drink cocktails on the sand and go snorkelling in the ocean. Nothing says wedding glow like a fresh tan!

A dreamy country hotel

Choose a destination closer to home and experience a beautiful hotel in winter. Go hiking together, snuggle up by the fire and steam in the sauna. Nothing says relaxation like a spa retreat at a glamourous country hotel.

Opt for a deluxe suite with a two-person bath so you can enjoy the tub together. Add a bottle of champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries for an extra luxurious feel.

Consider putting your phones on silent for the weekend. You will have plenty of time to examine the guest list, search for wedding dresses and choose your maid of honour later. Make this time memorable for you and your partner by eliminating technology and distractions.

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