The Plantable Pencil That Grows Into Food

What is Sprout Pencil?

It’s the world’s first and only patented plantable pencil that grows into vegetables, flowers and herbs when you’ve finished using them.

Instead of throwing them out when they become too small to use, just plant the Sprout Pencils into soil, and water – the capsule cleverly dissolves and will sprout into anything from cherry tomato plants, sage and basil, to carnations and sunflowers. It’s a great way of demonstrating sustainability and encouraging people to think about recycling, innovation in natural materials and the environment.

Sprout Pencil facts:
  • 100% natural – made from sustainably harvested cedar wood, graphite and clay
  • The capsule is non-toxic and plant-based. And it’s perfectly safe if you accidentally chew on (or even eat) the capsule!
  • Variety of non-GMO seeds including basil, cherry tomato, chia, sage, thyme, sunflower, carnation, coriander, daisy and forget-me-not flowers
  • Sustainable, zero-waste, plastic-free and lead-free. 100% biodegradable and will decompose safely
  • The Sprout Pencil is a patented product
  • Each day, 135 million plastic ball point pens are produced worldwide. This is a huge amount of plastic, so fight plastic waste with a plantable pencil instead
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