The Striking Case for Your Phone

Let’s face it, our mobile phone has become the one thing you take everywhere so it has to look and feel as good as you do. Which is why we love the colour palette from luxury phone case company Greenwich Design.

The new Maia collection brings a striking colour palette with matching refined stitching and Alcantara lining for a strong yet soft elegance. Available in beautiful seasonal hues such as Canary Yellow, Scarlet Red, Tahiti Blue, Blake
Blossom Pink, Pale Gravel Grey or Beach House Blue using a full grain nappa bull leather that’s used by Bentley Motors for its interiors, the cases are soft and durable, with an impeccable aesthetic.

They’re tough too. Concealed in the cover is a carbon fibre panel that provides a shield so strong it will stop a shotgun blast, yet so light as to be barely noticeable. There’s a precision engineered shell to hold the phone in place and provide further protection against damage and gunmetal edging provides bumper like edge protection.

Cases from the Maia collection start from £129 at
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