There’s no denying that a pet makes a house a home, but, as sweet as they are, they can wreak absolute havoc on your home – as new research by regulated property buyers, Good Move reveals.

Good Move spoke with pet owners across the country to determine the pets that are causing the most damage in their home.  Find out which is the most destructive household pet below.

According to owners, the ten most destructive pet breeds are:

Moggie cat (9.3%)

Labrador dog (8.0%)

British Shorthair cat (6.3%)

Border Collie dog (3.0%)

Parrot (2.8%)

Beagle dog (2.7%)

Cocker Spaniel dog (2.6%)

Staffordshire Bull Terrier dog (2.6%)

English Springer Spaniel dog (2.4%)

Bengal cat (2.3%)

And the damage these little rascals have caused include Dug up flowers/grass in the garden (35%), Ripped furnishings including sofas, chairs, and cushions (29%), Urinated/pooed on furnishings including sofas, beds, and carpets (28%), Scratched furnishings including doors and cabinets (28%)and

Chewed their owners favourite shoes and clothes (26%).

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