Once we are all out of lockdown, we will be brimming for the chance to escape our homes and escape. So here are some holiday ideas for you to look forward to.

Domestic Holidays

If you don’t yet feel comfortable travelling abroad once restrictions are fully lifted, which is completely fair after all this time, then consider starting off with local holidays.

There are so many places you could visit around the UK, but since we’ve all been stuck inside for what seems like forever, let’s look at local locations.

The Cotswolds, located in the south-west of England, offer lush forests and idyllic villages surrounded by green. There are many places to stay including log cabins, caravans and cottages.

There are plenty of nature reserves and gardens to visit, as well beautiful tourist destinations such as the Gloucester Cathedral, a Harry Potter filming spot.

The Lake District offers, arguably, some of the most beautiful sights in the UK. You can imagine where it gets its name.

There are 16 different lakes within the Lake District, the largest being Windermere. Located in the north west of England, you can book cottages to stay on either deep in the forests or on the edges of the lakes.

We can’t finish talking about domestic holidays without talking about the beauties located in Scotland. Specifically, the Isle of Skye.

This island, which is very accessible, boasts some of the most outrageous views within the United Kingdom.

International City Breaks

If you feel comfortable enough to adventure internationally, then there a range of different countries to visit. So much culture brimming with adventure ready for you to search for.

Before jetting off, you should absolutely look into some travel insurance. There are insurers out there now who are now catering policies specifically for COVID-19 cover, at no extra cost, such as Staysure.

They will allow you to book insurance in time for your trip, when safe to do so. Having travel insurance that covers coronavirus will help restore your travel confidence, allowing you to have piece of mind if the worst was to happen if you were to catch COVID-19, you’ll be covered.

Prague, in Czechia, is a great city break for you to consider. Not only is it cheap to fly to, but there are so many homely apartments that are always bookable in the city centre.

The great thing about Prague is, you can visit anytime of the year. Whether you want to visit the castle during peak summer, or wander around the Christmas market in December. There are reasons to go every month of the year.

Continuing the trend in Europe, consider visiting some culture filled cities in Italy. In Italy, you have cities such as Rome, Milan, Florence and Venice. A lovely way to visit the country is to do a touring visit. You could land up north in Venice, spend a few days there before getting the train down to the next city, and so on. You could even go and stop by the Vatican City, which is actually its own country.

Beach Stops

Perhaps you’ve had enough of cities and people? Again, this is completely fair with everything that has happened recently. In that case, beach stops offer a different type of holiday all together.

The Canary Islands offer plenty of choice that’s only a couple of hours away on a flight. However, this will probably be a popular choice. Fortunately, there are plenty of unique places to stay to help offer that extra bit of privacy we all crave.

You can get a villa all to yourself or even stay at a renovated farmhouse. There are plenty of choices for when it comes to staying by the beach privately.

Alternatively, go crazy and fly to the Caribbean and go all out. Lush private hotels are bountiful in those parts.

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