Stuck at home alone with a small child and still very much not on furlough, one of our readers sent in some of their lockdown thoughts and feelings. In the spirit of ‘Oh thank God it’s not only me that thought that’ we thought we’d share some of them. If you’d like to send us yours email [email protected] and we’ll share them – anonymously of course.

  • Baking to alleviate boredom is great. Eating it all within a few days is not.


  • Some methods of learning for primary children in year 2020 are frankly baffling for someone who left school 30 years ago.


  • Actually feeling lucky if you have had the virus but get away with what appears to be a mild version.


  • The daunting inevitability of referring to the passing of a 90-year-old celebrity as having had a good innings, then realising your parent is 87.


  • Swaying daily over believing the Government advice is the right thing to do, or feeling the response is disproportionate to the actual mortality rate, and ending up in some weird hybrid land of partial conspiracy theory.


  • Realising just how important physical contact is and the truth about oxytocin release with a good hug – and wondering if you’ll ever have sex again.


  • Despite all the efforts of tech to make us feel that we don’t need actual human contact, we do. Look after yourself and each other.

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