Trend Watch 2022: 10 Essential Trends for Stunning Home Interiors

Trend Watch 2022: 10 Essential Trends for Stunning Home Interiors

The last year has proved that home really is where the heart is. Top Interior Designer, Tracy Baker – Managing Director and Founder of Open Door Interiors in Warwick – shares ten of her top interior trends that are sure to turn any house into a home in 2021 and beyond.

#01 Mother Earth

Nature has always been an interior inspiration but the muted tones of the earth itself is not one of the hottest interior trends. Neutralised hues like olive, camel, Darjeeling and turmeric are perfect for those looking to create a mature and calming environment in which to truly relax.

#02 Blush

Blush has become the new neutral. Warmer than white and considered the millennials magnolia, blush tones can work with almost any style or colour combination and will make dark blues and greens sing and red, mustard and orange spice tones zing. 

#03 We Green?

We’re not talking pastels here. We mean Green! Whether it’s muted and matt or dripping in gloss, bold greens are a big, big trend in a year that has seen us realise the importance of green spaces. Green can be tailored to your own sense of style so easily – wanting glamour? Then go with jewel like emerald. More of a nature lover? Then embrace woodlands hues and leaf tones. A little wild at heart? Then jungle is still massive- just choose your print wisely.

#04 Working from Home

The way we use your homes has changed and will remain so for many years to come so perhaps it’s time to throw away that flatpack desk and invest in a workspace that’s more CEO than hell no. Remember, you’re working from home not living at work so make sure everything can be stored away once playtime starts.

#05 Silver

The days of ‘if in doubt paint it grey’ are gone. Now we need to paint it silver. Chic, light enhancing and glamorous without being gaudy, Silver offers a stylish solution for rooms which crave light. Use it everywhere to create a sophisticated setting or add coloured accents for extra pop.

#06 Bring Back the Bidet

2020’s toilet paper scavenging has made people more appreciative of the mainstay of the 1970s bathroom, the bidet is back. With us all pursuing a greener lifestyle the idea of reducing our carbon footprint by reducing our paper usage and production is not a bad one plus, in a world where we are all more focused on hygiene, bidets are the more sanitary solution… time to add one to your refurb plans?

#07 Open Kitchen Storage

We spend so much time choosing the prettiest china and glassware for our kitchens and then hide them away in giant boxes on the wall that make our rooms feel smaller – what’s that all about? The kitchen wall cupboard may be good at hiding chaos, but do they also encourage it? Open shelves open up a space and lets you make a statement with your carefully chosen kitchenware. Add in accessories and your shelving can become a display case where wine glasses become winners, saucers become super and mugs can be magnificent.

#08 Granny Dearest

Mix bold florals with velvets and lace for an eccentric interior that’s reminiscent of granny’s front parlour. Perfect for vintage lovers that like to mix things up a little, layer textures, clash colours and accessorise with period prints, hand me down heritage pieces and gorgeous tchotchkes.

#09 The Nu Classical

Mixing classical moulding and materials with the latest trends can create quite the statement. Look for ornate embellishments and match them with the super modern for a design that’s dual rather than a design that duels.

#10 Checks

Once again, the catwalks crossover into interior style with oversized checks making an appearance in the best dressed homes. Keep it classic on upholstery for a heritage feel or, for a modern take, get playful with plaid and clash colourful checks with geometric monochromes for maximalist mayhem.

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