Experienced massage therapist Kathryn Ellis has devised an online course teaching novices how to give safe, effective massages to their partners.

Kathryn, who qualified as a massage therapist more than 16 years ago, and a trainer 10 years ago, has massaged more than 1,000 men and women and trained more than 500 therapists.

She came up with the unique idea after spotting a gap in the market to make people’s lives a bit easier in these trying times.

Her aim is to help men and women of all ages facing pressures brought about by the coronavirus to get the most out of giving or receiving a massage at home.

Kathryn’s extensive experience has given her the ability to pre-empt areas of poor technique which may have little or no effect on the person receiving the massage, and poor positioning or body mechanics which if repeated over time can cause problems for people giving the massage.

In her video Kathryn gives people handy hints and tips on how to give an effective massage without causing pain or injury to themselves and to give maximum benefit to their partner.

She gives advice both simple and advanced. From kneeling with a pillow to alleviate knee problems, to correct positioning and technique to ensure maximum comfort for both parties throughout, the video is filled with advice and information for best practice.

Kathryn said: “Massage is something that benefits anyone and everyone, if it is done right. But while there seems to be a choice of courses online for professionals who are already practising, there isn’t really anything out there for ordinary members of the public who would like to learn something new from scratch so they and their loved ones can reap the benefits at home.”

A step-by-step guide, the introductory course is aimed at couples, parents and children or even friends under the same roof and is designed to enable people to take time out, spend quality time with their nearest and dearest, and improve their physical and mental wellbeing – all while learning a new skill.

Accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists, Kathryn runs a series of courses from her Central School of Massage in Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.

She came up with the idea of the introductory course following discussions with her clients.

Widely used by millions, the benefits of massage are extensive. An excellent form of meditation its positive effects are similar to those of yoga, allowing a person to focus on themselves and to connect with their mind and body and those of their partner.

Kathryn, who is also a qualified yoga teacher, said: “Massage is the ultimate in bodywork.

“Usually you come away from a massage feeling fantastic. This is because as well as someone caring for you and nurturing you for an hour or so, there has been a connection not only between yourself and another person, but between your mind and your body, which has created a form of magic.

“And while the medical benefits of this form of massage are widely debated the one thing it does do is help to relieve aches and pains brought about by tension, and as it is a whole body massage you feel the benefit from your head to your toe.”

Kathryn said her massage technique is ideal for the home environment as it can be carried out fully clothed and other than finding a peaceful, relaxing environment no special equipment is necessary.

The online course lasts less than three hours. It consists of an introduction from Kathryn followed by a 50-minute massage broken down into 10 segments, each lasting between five minutes and 17 minutes.

The second half of the course runs the entire tutorial, so students are able to practise alongside Kathryn.

It comes with a series of downloadable PDFs giving people more advice and information as they make their way through the course.

Kathryn said: “It is ideal for people who would like to devote just a few minutes a day to practise or they can learn several segments in one go. It’s an ideal entry course for someone who would like to learn the basics, so they practise on their partner, friend or family member, but also a great introduction for anyone considering a career in massage who now has the time to learn the fundamentals.

“After the events of 2020 – a particularly stressful year with two lockdowns and endless rules and guidelines to follow – and with starting 2021 in lockdown the partner massage course is a great means of escape, allowing you to de-stress, give your bodies some much needed TLC, and spend some quality time with loved ones.”

To find out more details, or to book on to the course, log on to the website at https://www.centralschoolmassage.com/partner-massage/

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