Choosing the Perfect Wedding Ring

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Ring

With excitement building and wedding plans well and truly underway following the proposal, it’s now time to start thinking about the all-important wedding rings.

Your wedding bands are a significant symbol of your love and commitment towards each other and choosing the right ones should be a special moment that you can both treasure forever.

For those in search of the perfect wedding rings, luxury high street jeweller Goldsmiths shares its couples’ guide to choosing ‘the one’…

Narrow down your choices

Engraved or plain, embellished or simple – the list goes on when it comes to selecting your wedding bands. Before heading to your nearest Goldsmiths showroom, discuss your preferences together and decide on two or three ideal styles you would both like to try on.


It’s important to remember that this is something you will both wear for the rest of your life so choosing the right metal type is a make or break decision. White gold is perfect for the timeless bride and groom-to-be as it will never go out of style whereas yellow gold is a go-to-choice for the vintage pair. Modern couples with a keen interest in current fashion trends will be drawn to titanium and rose gold bands.

Do stick to what you know

Be mindful of your lifestyle and taste – this is not a time to gamble and try something new! Whether it’s a timeless, vintage or modern style you are both in search of, experts will be on hand in-store to advise. Opt for a design which suits your taste and will seamlessly become part of your everyday wardrobe.

Which bride are you?

Stylish brides-to-be can discover the three bridal collections available to complement her personal style – timeless, vintage and modern. Elegant and sophisticated, the timeless bride will seek something more refined and classic where the vintage bride will look to the past for her inspiration and choose an ornate style. The modern bride will be in search of something minimalistic and on trend to sit alongside her unique or coloured engagement ring.

Get ahead of the game

Although there’s no particular rush, starting your ring search early will give you time to browse different looks and research various price options. It’s a piece of jewellery you’ll wear for the rest of your lives; therefore taking a little bit of time to explore your various options will be of benefit. Added extras including engraving and bespoke designs do require longer so it’s best to keep this in mind – don’t leave it until the last minute. Once you have an idea as to what you both like, it’s time for the fun part: trying them on.

His and hers

There’s no written rule to say that you both need to have matching wedding rings. If one of you prefers something that sparkles and the other is keen on a thin plain band don’t make it an issue. After all, it’s something you will wear for many years to come and you need to be set on making the right decision together. If you do want a more subtle link between the two, have your wedding date or initials etched into both bands or consider a small hidden diamond – or stone of your choice – set flush on the inside of them as a secret to share.

One size does not fit all

Most couples rarely take their wedding bands off, so checking it’s a comfortable size is key. An ill-fitting wedding band will affect the durability and comfort of the ring. Keep in mind that fingers tend to swell in the summer and jewellery can become loose when in the shower or swimming. Be sure to try your chosen rings on multiple times ahead of the big day to ensure that it’s the perfect fit. If you are uncertain, ask one of the experts in the showroom.

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