What are the Most Common Injuries in the UK?

Many injuries occur in the workplace in the UK with the Labour Force Survey reporting as many as 581,000 non-fatal injuries in 2018/2019. Injuries are often avoidable and employers should be doing all that they can to provide a work environment for their staff. Knowing what the most common injuries are is helpful for finding the best way to prevent accidents, so read on to discover the main types of injuries that are being sustained.

Slips, Trips & Falls

According to data from RIDDOR in 2018/19, slips trips and falls were by far the most common cause for a non-fatal injury accounting for as many as 29% of these injuries. These injuries can usually be prevented by keeping clean and clear surfaces and often lead to personal injury claims being made against the employer as they could easily have been avoided and can lead to severe injury.

Handling, Lifting or Carrying

Handling, lifting or carrying accounted for 20% of workplace injuries and is another type that can easily be avoided. Training staff to lift and carry heavy materials properly is key along with making sure that people get help when required and ensuring that they are not overworking by taking regular breaks.

Repetitive Strain

Sitting at a computer all day might seem like one of the safest ways to work but this can actually lead to repetitive strain injury (RSI) and this can also occur in manual labor and lifting roles. The key to avoiding RSI and further complications like carpal tunnel syndrome is making sure that employees have ergonomic equipment, safe working practices and that they are taking regular breaks away from their desk.

Struck by an Object

It might seem like an unlikely event, but being struck by a moving object accounted for 10% of non-fatal injuries and is common in supermarkets, warehouses and building sites. Additionally, these can potentially be very dangerous injuries because often they strike people on the head so wearing a helmet as well as safe storage is important.

Vehicle Collisions

Vehicle collisions are also common whether this is an employee driving to meet a client or a forklift operator colliding with equipment or even hitting even someone. There are many reasons why these accidents can occur but can usually be avoided through training and supervision.

These are the most common injuries that are sustained at work in the UK. As you can see, often they could be avoided which is important for protecting staff, providing a safe environment and avoiding costly legal issues.

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