What do hotel guests expect in their hotel rooms?

When it comes to hotel rooms, comfort and cleanliness is key. Soft bed linens, high-speed WiFi and complimentary refreshments can turn an average stay into a luxe evening.


Even if your hotel room has fancy bed linen and toiletries, poor cleanliness will always let you down. Make sure the floors are pristine, every surface is wiped and the linen is unstained. Thoroughly cleaning a hotel room can massively improve your guest’s experience. There is nothing worse than staying in a filthy room.


In this day and age, every traveller needs to stay connected. If you offer free WiFi, use it as a selling point. Make sure you offer high-speed reliable WiFi that is easily accessible. When your guests are checking in, offer the WiFi package or code. This way they don’t have to worry about getting connected.

Plush pillows and breathable bed linens

A comfortable and cosy bed is essential. Say goodbye to those rough sheets in dated patterns and hello, to soft bright whites.

Guests want soothing linens that feel luxurious. However, just because they feel expensive does not mean that you have to spend a fortune. Check out Mitre Linen for high quality linen at high street prices.

Make sure to invest in a duvet protector as well. You want your linen to last and remain looking fresh and new!

Complimentary refreshments

Whether they are away on business or leisure, travellers want to feel special and looked after. Make sure your hotel rooms have water and glassware to start – plastic cups should be avoided at all costs.

You should invest in a cordless kettle, mugs and a few coffee or tea essentials as well. Everyone loves a taste of caffeine in the morning or a glass of water after a night on the town.

If you want to add a homely touch, bake some cookies or get fresh flowers for your guests’ rooms.

Soft, oversized bath towels

Large towels add a sense of comfort to any stay. If guests are staying with a friend or colleague, it’s important that their towel is big enough to wrap around them.

Soft and cosy towels will make your guests feel pampered. You should also offer a range of towels for multiple purposes.

Remember that luxe does not have to be expensive!

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