What You Need to Plan When Moving Abroad

The idea of moving abroad is exciting. A whole new place for you to explore and make your own. Plus, the weather has to be better than here right? However, permanently moving abroad is not a decision to be taken lightly. It requires a lot of planning, administration, and patience. What do you need to prepare to move abroad?


There are a lot of legal boxes you need to tick before you can board that plane. You need to make sure you meet visa requirements, check if you need insurance and healthcare. You’ll also have to think about taxes – what you need to keep paying in the UK, and what you’re required to pay in the new country. You’re also obligated to alert the authorities in both countries that you plan on moving. The paperwork doesn’t end when you settle down either. If you are 100% certain this move will be permanent, you’ll want to reach out to Withers and get help renouncing your citizenship.


Other than all the required documents, one of the most important things to get sorted is your new living situation. Alongside thinking about what you’ll do with your current home. Will you rent it, or sell it in order to buy a new property abroad? Buying a house in a different country before you live there can be challenging. Local estate agents would be able to help you with the language and tax protocols. Lots of expats choose to rent initially as this makes life easier and leaves them the option of buying property further down the line.


Moving elsewhere in the UK is expensive. Think about how much relocating to a whole different country will cost. You should save as much money as you can. Not only for the initial move but a safety net for you to land in when you get there. It has been advised you should have six-months worth of savings. Research the exchange rate and budget accordingly. It’s also worth reaching out to fellow expats in the country – there are plenty of social media groups out there – to get their tips on how much money you’ll need. This can help you plan an accurate budget.

Moving abroad involves plenty of planning. If you’re willing to put in all the work, it sounds like it’s the right move for you. Where in the world would you most like to live?

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