The new Land Rover Defender is here

As reassuringly British as jam roly poly and custard, the original Land Rover Defender just refused to die with used models of this motoring legend changing hands for more money than Boris promised we’d all be getting post Brexit! It’s little wonder then that replacing this classless icon of British design was going to be tough but golly they’ve done it. Ladies, Gentlemen the new Land Rover Defender is here, and we think it’s rather spiffy!

An icon reimagined for the 21st century; the new Defender has been built to appeal to markets old and new – hose down interiors are available but so are sumptuous leather and heated seats and with prices starting at £35,000 for the van version alone, this is far from the farmers hack of old. We’ll not dwell on that though as time’s do change and Land Rover would be foolish to ignore the lifestyle market which always found the Defender so fashionable.

And those fashion-conscious buyers will adore this. The unmistakable silhouette is familiar yet new. It looks tough enough to take on the rough stuff with ease. Minimal front and rear overhangs provide excellent approach and departure angles and the new 4×4 features a purposeful upright stance, alpine light windows in the roof as well as the side-hinged rear tailgate and externally mounted spare wheel that make the original so identifiable.

The stripped-back personality of the original Defender has been embraced inside although it’s a massive leap forward compared to Defenders of old. Structural elements and fixings usually hidden from view have been exposed, with the emphasis on simplicity and practicality. A dash-mounted gear shifter means there’s the option of the traditional central jump seat which provides three abreast seating across the front like early Land Rovers. As before, Defender will be available in 90 and 110 body designs, with up to six seats in the 90 and the option of five, six or 5+2 seating in the 110.

The model range starts at Defender and works through S, SE, HSE, First Edition and top of the range Defender X model. Customers will be able to personalise their vehicle in more ways than any previous Land Rover with four Accessory Packs. The Explorer, Adventure, Country and Urban Packs each give Defender a distinct character with a specially selected range of enhancements.

User-friendly features include practical touches and advanced technological innovations. Durable rubberised flooring shrugs off the spills of daily adventures and once-in-a-lifetime expeditions, providing a brush or wipe clean interior. An optional Folding Fabric Roof provides an open-top feel and allows passengers in the second-row seats of the 110 to stand up when parked to provide the full safari experience!

An all new body structure is the stiffest that Land Rover has ever produced; three times stiffer than traditional body-on-frame designs and provides the perfect foundations for the fully independent air or coil sprung suspension whilst supporting the needs of the latest electrified powertrains.

Old McDonald may turn in his grave at the thoughts of an electric Defender but he’d haunt you no more once he’d seen the Defender tackle the muddy stuff. Configurable Terrain Response debuts on new Defender, allowing experienced off-roaders to fine-tune individual vehicle settings to perfectly suit the conditions, while inexperienced drivers can let the system detect the most appropriate vehicle settings for the terrain, using the intelligent Auto function.

The new body architecture provides ground clearance of 291mm and worldclass off-road geometry, giving the 110 approach, breakover and departure angles of 38, 28 and 40 degrees (Off Road height) respectively. Its maximum wading depth of 900mm is supported by a new Wade programme in the Terrain Response 2 system, which ensures drivers can ford deep water with complete confidence- useful at time of writing when we’re all growing gills.)

On dry land, Land Rover’s advanced ClearSight Ground View technology helps drivers take full advantage of Defender’s all-conquering capability by showing the area usually hidden by the bonnet, directly ahead of the front wheels, on the central touchscreen.

As a result, the new Defender redefines breadth of capability, raising the threshold for both off-road ruggedness and on-road comfort. It can negotiate crowded city streets as effortlessly as climbing mountains, crossing deserts and withstanding freezing temperatures. Its carefully honed handling delivers both a rewarding drive and first-class long-haul comfort across all terrains.

It’s much, much cleaner too. A choice of advanced petrol and cleaner diesel engines ensure the new Defender has the power, control and efficiency for any environment, while a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) powertrain will join the range next year providing the prospect of silent EV-only progress.

To start of with though the petrol line-up comprises a four-cylinder P300 and a powerful six-cylinder P400 with efficient Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle technology. Alternatively, customers can choose from a pair of four-cylinder diesels – the D200 and powerful D240 – both of which deliver fuel economy of 37.2mpg thanks to innovative engineering solutions including a flat underbody to optimise aerodynamic performance across the line-up.

The tech continues inside with Jaguar Land Rover’s new Pivi Pro infotainment system. The next generation touchscreen is more intuitive and user-friendly, requiring fewer inputs to perform frequently used tasks, while its always-on design guarantees almost instant responses. In addition, the new Defender takes Software-Over-The- Air (SOTA) technology to a new level, with 14 individual modules capable of receiving remote updates.

By downloading data while customers are asleep at home or in far-flung locations, the new Defender will get better with age: as electronic updates cascade down to the vehicle immediately, without delay and with no need to visit a Land Rover retailer. One really clever idea is the option of Satin Protective Film from new to make the exterior paintwork even more durable.

The completely recyclable wrap helps protect against everything from car park scratches to bramble rash and will be available as a factory-fit option with Indus Silver, Gondwana Stone and Pangea Green colours, providing a unique contemporary finish as it protects paintwork.

So, choose your model, engine, paintwork and accessory pack as the order books are now officially open. Defender 110 starts from £45,240 on the road with Defender 90 and Commercial pricing confirmed at a later date.

You can configure your Defender 110 at 
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