Coventry Based, World Renowned Recording Artist Releases Her Highly Anticipated Sophomore Record

The Coventry based, World renowned Recording Artist SANDRA (Godley) has released her highly anticipated sophomore recording project, ‘reflections’ with her acclaimed Nashville, TN record label, C&C Music Group.

SANDRA’s distinct, notable voice has become a fan favorite across the UK and around the globe. She has been nominated for countless awards, and continues to expand her reach by sharing her gifts.

While SANDRA’s career has been anchored in Gospel Music, this new project has reached far beyond the boundaries of Gospel Music. ‘Reflections’ consists of raw, emotional lyrics from the pen of SANDRA that reveal her life’s journey. The hills and the valleys…the heartache and happiness…the tears and the joy. SANDRA’s stellar performance and deliverance of each song will melt the heart of the listener. This new direction is a bold one that forges a new path and journey opening up a world of possibilities rooted in a desire to expose her heart and soul through her lyrics and music.

SANDRA’s album ‘reflections’ is out now on iTunes, Amazon Prime, Spotify and wherever great music is sold and streamed.
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