Music licensing company, PPL PRS Limited is hoping to ‘Restore the Rhythm’ to UK business

PPL PRS Limited, the Leicester-based music licensing company is launching a campaign to encourage businesses to get back to their best after the COVID-19 pandemic, by using music to ‘Restore the Rhythm’.

Businesses and organisations who play music to their customers and employees are legally required to obtain TheMusicLicence from PPL PRS. When the Government made the announcement on 23rd March that all non-essential business should close, this also meant that the music that we all enjoyed, be that live or recorded, could no longer be heard in those businesses and venues.

During the period of lockdown PPL PRS, working with their parent companies PPL and PRS for Music, supported all businesses which were unable to open, by not charging for TheMusicLicence for the period of closure. A move that was welcomed by many customers who were faced with uncertainty and financial strain for an unknown period.

The Government announced in June that many non-essential businesses could re-open, much welcomed by millions of business owners and managers around the country. However, in August the Government also declared that the UK was officially in a recession, and it could take until 2022 to recover financially from the COVID-19 pandemic.1

As businesses open, customers may be anxious about returning to the high street and hospitality. Employees are feeling cautious about the return to their place of work, with new guidelines and processes in place.

The world we know now, compared to this time last year, is a very different place. There are no music festivals or stadium tours, no summer fetes on the beach, public Bonfire and Christmas festivities are being cancelled, sports are being played behind closed doors.  All of these events used music as a way to entertain and connect with people. We can continue to use music in other ways though…

PPL PRS is launching the Restore the Rhythm campaign through trade, mainstream and social media, to help businesses use music to get back to their best.

Music can help to relax that anxious customer going into a hair salon, or it could help ease employees back into office life after months at home with only the radio for company.

PPL PRS believe that music can help to restore the rhythm to the UK economy. When a business plays music, they are not only welcoming their customers and workforce back, they are helping to keep the music industry alive.

The music industry contributed £5.2 billion2 to the UK economy in 2018, and this industry has been particularly hard hit due to the restrictions on live entertainment, and will continue to be, for the foreseeable future. Many musicians rely on their income from performing live.
By playing music, and purchasing TheMusicLicence, business owners and managers are helping to sustain those musicians who create and perform the music we all know and love. And not just the globally recognisable superstars, the money collected by TheMusicLicence* goes back to music’s grassroots, the emerging artists, session musicians and songwriters.

Join the Restore the Rhythm campaign today by sharing your story on social media, of how music is helping your business get back to its best with #restoretherhythm #weareopen

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