We Review The New Action Film ‘Unlocked’ Starring Noomi Rapace.

We Review The New Action Film 'Unlocked' Starring Noomi Rapace.

Ever wondered what a female version of Jason Bourne would look like ?  Then go see ‘Unlocked’, starring Noomi Rapace, Michael Douglas, Toni Collette, Orlando Bloom, John Malkovich and several other recognisable faces in a tale of MI5/6 vs CIA and lots of very underhanded, disgruntled chaps along the way who want to do bad things to your everyday member of society, writes SIXTY9 film reviewer Richard Doherty.

Toni Collette is a bit of an Annie Lennox look-a-like, Orlando Bloom has aged (maybe all of that time spent out in the sun, naked on paddleboards ?) and Michael Douglas looks like he’s wearing FAR too much makeup at times but…get past those and you have another tale of American Intelligence forces doing more than their fair share over here in Blighty.  CIA (John Malkovich) and MI5 (Toni Collette) facing off against each other, all the while ‘Alice’ (played by Noomi Rapace), is running around London, trying to stop some dodgy terrorists from unleashing a virus on the masses.

Alice, being a trained operative, knows how to handle a gun…apart from in a narrow hotel corridor when you’d think she doesn’t have much room to miss (but we won’t hold that against her), she has a dark past that she’s trying to forget and can you see where I got the Bourne reference from ?  The one thing that Bourne has that Unblocked doesn’t is some EPIC car chases !  I mean, those are some of the best scenes in those Bourne movies, right ?

So, whilst Bourne spreads his muscular wings over half of the world, Alice is stuck in the more ‘down to Earth’ parts of London (I don’t we saw a tourist landmark during the actual film…I might be wrong…oh hang on, we saw Tower Bridge !).

Double-crossing and plot-twists keep you on your toes for the most part and the film is entertaining with plenty of action but, as I type this, after remembering the scene with the semi-automatic machine gun, I can’t help thinking that Toni Collette may have had more…balls ?

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