The Mormons are in town! We Review The Book of Mormon at Birmingham Hippodrome

For the first time ever, the multi award winning hit show, The Book Of Mormon has arrived at Birmingham Hippodrome.

Written by the Trey Parker and Matt Stone, creators of cult show South Park, The Book Of Mormon takes you on the journey of two “elders” off to teach the word of the good book. Partnered up to go to a missionary in Uganda, this unlikely duo venture off, sure that the locals would easily follow their preachings.

The company of The Book of Mormon Credit: Paul Coltas

Excitedly stepping on to stage, Elder Price begins our journey by pressing a door bell and throwing us straight in to the first song ‘Hello….. hello,’.  From start to finish the lyrics and musical arrangements by Parker, Stone with the addition of Robert Lopez, of Avenue Q, are all hilarious and genius.

Kevin Clay and Thomas Vernal in The Book of Mormon Credit:Paul Coltas

With songs like Hasa Diga Eebowai and All American Prophet – that talks about the modern day Mormon prophet Joseph Smith – each will have you laughing at even the most inappropriate of subjects.

The cast are excellent and you can’t help but love the missionary leader Elder McKinley (Will Hawksworth) who is constantly fight off his gay tendencies. We also particularly loved leading tribe lady Nabulungi (Nicole-Lily Baisen), who dreams of escaping to the promise land Salk Lake City. But the real star of the show is Connor Pearson who players Elder Cunningham, the odd one out of the elders remains fantastic throughout. His animated performance with his innocence and tendency to exaggerate the truth, including when it comes to the teaching of the book has you in hysterics.

Hilariously funny and very non-PC, this show had us in stitches and is an absolute must-see. Be warned though as the language is far from clean and at times it cuts a little close to the cloth, no pun intended.

The Book of Mormon is at Birmingham until March 28th.
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