We Review The Coventry Based Musical Godiva Rocks At The Belgrade Theatre.

We Review The Coventry Based Musical Godiva Rocks At The Belgrade Theatre.

Godiva Rocks is an unmissable new musical featuring a host of hit songs from Coventry artists through the decades.

From the same team behind the smash-hit Coventry Blitz play, One Night in November, this new musical features 20 classic songs from Coventry artists such as Frank Ifield, Vince Hill, Hazel O’Connor, The Specials, Terry Hall, King, The Primitives and The Enemy.

Girl meets boy in Coventry – but nothing, and nobody, is what they seem, all because of one extraordinary night at the Orchid Ballroom, back in December ’64 …Lilith hunt-Sheppard went along to The Belgrade Theatre to watch the show for herself.

I will admit, my knowledge of the Coventry music scene is embarrassingly bad, so when I was invited along to Godiva Rocks at The Belgrade Theatre I jumped at the chance.

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The musical itself is based in 80’s Coventry when the city was going through it’s big industrial change. Looking as though the city will be losing their iconic music venue, The Orchid Ballroom, a group decide to stand and fight. Throwing you deep into the cities music scene the show is peppered with great songs throughout featuring hits from The Special, Hazel O’Connor and Beverly Jones to name but a few. The cast takes you on their journey to find answers and to save The Orchid.

There are many twists and turns through the show and some surprises that I didn’t even see coming. Partick played by Lejaun Sheppard takes you through his journey as he tries to find his father when he meets Nell (Georgie Ashford). As you can imagine, the path of truelove rarely runs smooth especially with Nell’s father Leo (Ross Gurney-Randall) trying to put a stopper on any relationship before it starts.

The casts are all strong and vocally there are some truly beautiful renditions through the show, particular favorites are Bev (Niki Evans) and Rosa (Alexia Mcintosh). The use of stage is clever, taking you through the broken streets of Coventry, to the local boozer, to the Orchid Ballroom with ease.

Godiva Rocks really is great and has something for everyone. If, like me, you know very little about the music scene you will leave realising you know more that you think.

Godiva certainly does get you rocking.

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