5 Gorgeous Staycation Destinations For A Post-lockdown Adventure

Restrictions on travel may limit your options for holidaying in specific countries, but when there are so many diverse cities throughout the United Kingdom to enjoy, leaving the passport at home is no hardship.

Here, My City Pod has recommended five gorgeous staycation destinations fit for any home-stay tourists:


1. Edinburgh is host to a wealth of notorious festivals, drawing artists and entertainers from all over the world. Aside from Edinburgh Castle, the city is ideal for the modern explorer, discovering the underground vaults or secret gardens of this vast city.


2. Few cities are as culturally significant as Bath. Built by the Romans, the city earned its name from the ancient baths and spas, with golden-coloured architecture throughout the city. On the outskirts is an abundance of woodlands and trails for those looking to escape an urban setting.


3. Winchester is rich in history and this former capital city exhibits the round table from the King Arthur legend within its ancient walls. Despite its heritage, Winchester is vibrant, rich with art and holds regular open-air markets in the centre.  A short distance away from the local nature reserves, Winchester is a gorgeous setting for all tastes.


4. Cambridge is a tourist hotspot due to the world-famous university, but it’s also an understated place for escape. With bike hire available to explore this definitive British city, Cambridge offers some gorgeous scenery to enjoy by yourself or with others, especially if you experience via the river.


5. Bristol is a fusion where traditional meets modern.  It’s also a great starting point for those with an interest in seafaring.  Home to bands like Massive Attack and Portishead, Bristol has always been pivotal with new music and this diverse taste extends into its brewery scene, too

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