Cruising the Rhine River: The Netherlands to Switzerland

Rhine River Phillip Glickman
Rhine River Phillip Glickman

Ever wanted to check out some of the most beautiful places in Europe on the Rhine River Cruise?

It is easy to see why Europe is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Centuries of history await, apparent in architecture, museums, art, and tradition, while the beautiful countryside ranges from golden Mediterranean beaches to vineyard-covered countryside and alpine mountains. Countless food and drink delicacies including legendary wines such as champagne are the cherry on top of the icing on a European tour.

What really sets Europe apart is the ease with which tourists can explore the continent. An excellent rail network links the entire mainland, and all nationals of European Union Member States have the right to move freely from country to country with no border control. Interrailing is a good-value and convenient way to explore Europe, but for a more leisurely journey consider a Europe river cruise which offers you a unique view of this enchanting continent.

There are many major rivers running through Europe, such as the Rhine river which flows from The Netherlands all the way down to Switzerland and passes through Germany and eastern France along the way. Discover the delights that await the traveller who sails this river from top to bottom.

Highlights of a Rhine River Cruise

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

From the very beginning of this cruise, there is a surplus of things to see and do. Amsterdam is much more than the cafés and district that it is famous for: cycle along quiet paths that criss-cross the canal; visit the exceptional museums, from Anne Frank’s house to the Van Gogh Museum, and head out to explore the vibrant tulip fields in the city suburbs.

Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg sits on the French-German border and boasts a complex culture with varied scenery to match. Highlights here include the breath-taking Gothic monuments such as the Cathedrale de Notre-Dame with its animated astronomical clock. There are also a collection of museums dedicated to local and world art, three of which are housed in the grandiose 18th-century Rohan Palace.

Cologne, Germany

Head further south into Germany and you will encounter Cologne. This striking city is best visited during the winter months when there are dazzling Christmas markets filled with homeware, jewellery, decorations, paintings, and mouth-watering authentic morsels such as pretzels, German sausages, and mulled wine. You can also go ice-skating in squares flanked by beautiful buildings. If you are feeling energetic, climb the 533 steps to the top of the Cologne Cathedral spire.

Basel, Switzerland

As Basel describes itself – this is ‘Switzerland but different’. On the border of France, Germany, and Switzerland, Basel has a rich culture that is a melting pot of traditions from all three countries and beyond. Stroll the peaceful streets lined with pretty half-timbered cottages and explore the central marketplace which is overflowing with stalls selling unique local crafts. The spectacular Gothic cathedral is well-worth a visit as well, and children in particular will love spotting exotic wildlife at Basel Zoo.

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