How to plan the best European road trip

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With the luxury of many beautiful countries and stunning landscapes on our doorstep, a road trip around Europe doesn’t sound like the worst idea! There are plenty of countries to experience and an unlimited number of routes to consider if you want a real taste of mainland Europe. 

If you do decide that you want to go on a road trip around Europe, ensure that you do all the necessary car checks to reduce the chance of breakdowns occurring. Make sure that you’re fully insured whilst having all the necessary documents you may require too. Think about some of these factors whilst you’re doing your planning! 

Think about the best time to go 

Whilst it might be appealing to enjoy Europe in the summer months to make the most of the best weather that Europe has to offer – hotels, hostels, apartments and other costs will be considerably more than in the off-peak seasons. If you’re happy to pay the extra they will be charging, then summer is always a great time to visit Europe. 

If you do plan on road tripping in the warmer months, it is an absolute necessity to ensure that you pre-book your locations as much as possible because it is the busiest time of the year for tourists and finding places to stay with space could become difficult. 

Have a planned route in mind 

There is nothing wrong with spontaneity, but you should have a general plan in place and a basic schedule you’re thinking of following. If there’s no plan, then you could end up getting lost or visiting places that you’d rather not go. By preparing your trip beforehand, it helps you find the best routes, towns, cities and attractions that others who have done something similar would recommend. Remember you can always make changes to your route along the way if you feel like it! 

Consider the different rules and regulations in each country 

Whether it’s driving regulations or travel and covid restrictions – everything will change depending on the country you want to visit. The best thing to do is research all the countries and regions that you plan to enter on your route, so there are no nasty surprises. Also make sure that you check the general driving rules and regulations because some countries require you to always have certain documents or equipment in your vehicle. The pandemic will have added another layer of necessary checks, but if you are prepared, you shouldn’t have an issue. 

Don’t forget that your road trip is an opportunity for you and your friends or family to experience something different and take a break. Visit where you want and ensure that you enjoy it as much as possible while it lasts! 

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