How to Travel Around the UK on a Budget

The UK is an incredibly beautiful, diverse and cultural place with many great places to explore. Travelling around the UK is an excellent way to get a feel for the country and there are many terrific routes to take, but how can you do this without spending a fortune?

There are a few ways that you can travel around the UK without breaking the bank – read on for a few ideas.


The UK is incredibly well connected by train and often this is the easiest, fastest and most enjoyable way to travel as you can simply sit back, relax and look out the window. While it may not be the cheapest form of transportation, you will find that you can make big savings on rail travel by booking your tickets online. Often you can make savings when you travel with a group or if you buy a railcard too.


If you are trying to squeeze every penny then the bus may be your best option as it is the cheapest form of transportation, particularly if you book online. It may not be the most comfortable but you do not have to worry about driving yourself so you can relax on the journey and socialise with other passengers.


Flying is not the cheapest form of transport but it is the quickest and easiest if you are travelling a long distance, such as from London to Scotland. Again, you can make savings by booking in advance and you can also lower your costs by flying with budget airlines, flying at off-peak times and by using the smaller airports.


Driving is a good option because it puts you in complete control of your trip, you can enjoy privacy and the UK is very well connected with motorways and there are a number of scenic routes to enjoy. While it may not be as cheap as other forms of transportation (particularly if you have to hire a car), you can keep costs low if you are travelling with a car full of people so that you can split the petrol and by carefully planning your route so that you are using as little fuel as possible.

These are your main options when travelling the UK. It is possible to travel throughout the UK without spending a fortune and there are always ways in which you can make savings no matter what form of transport you opt for.

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