How travel has become more accessible to the masses

How travel has become more accessible to the masses

Years ago, travel was considered a luxury which required year-round saving to be able to afford and there was no such thing as a ‘budget break’. However, over the years the option to enjoy a foreign get-away, perhaps even more than once a year, is now very much a doable option. Here, we’ve explored a few reasons as to the transformation the travel and tourism industry has undergone and what led to these changes to take place.

The Internet

Whereas it was once necessary to select your annual summer holiday based on what your local travel agency said you could afford. However, the internet travel revolution brought with it faster access to a number of different options, many of them perhaps more affordable than we would have once been led to believe. The internet also led to the rise of the low-cost airline, with carriers like EasyJet and Ryanair the kind of companies that simply couldn’t have existed in a world without the internet.


It might be that we are finding it harder and harder to find that elusive work-life balance, but we are still living in a world where our bosses are generally more prepared to offer us longer breaks than they were a decade ago. The workplace is a more competitive environment than it was before and as such, management is more prepared to offer longer breaks to their staff and employees are certainly taking advantage!

How travel has become more accessible to the masses


The success of the recent Chernobyl series on Sky has led to a major surge in interest around experiential tourism in the doomed area of Ukraine. This is at least partly down to the way social media is used to spread and amplify trends. Instagram is also leading to a situation where younger travelers actually want to travel to more exotic locations in order to get the perfect selfie.


The original commercial planes of the 1950s were incredibly stuffy, uncomfortable and unreliable beasts that put off a lot of potential flyers. Travel by ship, meanwhile, simply took too long for most people and was far too expensive. Today, technology and various cultural shifts have allowed for a world where flying is safe and cruise holidays, such as those offered by Jules Verne, have become a fantastic alternative where you can enjoy a luxurious break whilst seeing everything the world has to offer.


For disabled travelers, certain allowances always traditionally needed to be made when selecting a vacation destination. However, accessible tourism has enjoyed a significant boom in recent years. We’re not just talking about wheelchair users either, but hard of sight and hearing travelers and autistic individuals who might have until recently balked at the idea of travelling further afield. It’s a bold new world, and everybody is welcome!

How travel has become more accessible to the masses

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