Feel Like Someone’s Watching you? Warning signs your hotel room is hiding two-way mirrors

holidaymakers are being urged to familiarise themselves with the tell-tale signs of two-way mirrors in hotels and B&Bs, creepy right?
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Ok, this is quite a specific fear but with more and more of us staying in private accommodation sourced over the internet, holidaymakers are being urged to familiarise themselves with the tell-tale signs of two-way mirrors in hotels and B&Bs, creepy right?

Those heading away during the Spring and staying in B&Bs are being encouraged to check for two-way mirrors upon arriving.

Glass and mirror experts are encouraging holidaymakers to use the fingernail test to see if a mirror is two-way or not.

Other methods include tapping the glass for a hollow noise and shining a flashlight onto the surface.

The experts at MeandMyGlass.co.uk have shared five tests that will reveal if a mirror is two-way. John Cutts, founder said: “The thought of someone using a mirror to spy on guests is disturbing, to say the least. The good news is there are multiple ways you can check for a two-way mirror when staying in a hotel, motel or B&B.

“The most common method is the fingernail test but you should also try shining a flashlight onto the mirror. On a normal mirror, the light should bounce back in the reflection, if the mirror is two-way you’ll be able to see straight through.”

Here are five ways to identify two-way mirrors:

  1. The fingernail test

Place your fingernail onto the mirror, if there is no gap in between your finger and its reflection, it could indicate a two-way mirror. On a regular mirror, there will be a gap between your fingernail and its reflection.

  1. The tap test

Noise is a huge factor in identifying whether a mirror is two-way. Give the glass a tap around all four corners and in the centre. If it makes a hollow sound, there’s a high possibility there’s something on the other side.

  1. Use a phone flashlight

When you stand and face a mirror, shine a flashlight on the glass and see if the light reflects back at you. If it doesn’t bounce back, then the light will shine through on a two-way mirror to reveal what’s behind the glass.

  1. Look at the installation

If the mirror is hanging then it is very unlikely it is a two-way mirror. Two-way mirrors tend to be part of and set into the wall as opposed to just hanging on it.

  1. Closely check the reflection

Place your face against the mirror with your hands beside your head, blocking out any light. If the mirror is two-way, you may be able to see straight through.

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