Why 2020 could be the Perfect Year to Start Travelling and See the UK

Given that overseas travelling will be particularly difficult for the foreseeable future. British holidaymakers will find their sightseeing opportunities dramatically curtailed when they are travelling. There’s a sense in which that might be a good thing. But exactly why might that be so?

There’s plenty to see and do

Britain is home to an amazing diversity of natural beauty and historical interest. There are dozens of sprawling cathedrals, acres upon acres of rolling hillside. Plus a proliferation of quaint little villages just waiting to be discovered.

It’s right on your doorstep

Of course, among the best parts of all of this is that you won’t have to spend hundreds of pounds on flights and accommodation. Neither will you have to worry about things like passports and boarding passes. Wherever you are in the country, there’s a chance that you’re within a short drive of something incredible. It might be that there’s a famous landmark in your hometown that you haven’t yet found the time to visit.

Less Luggage

Since you aren’t going to be travelling as far, there’s no reason to stay as long. You can book a weekend here, or a weekend there, and travel extremely light. This means you can dispense with the clumsy suitcase and go for a stylish shoulder bag instead.

It’s going to be sunny

Continued global temperature rises are a cause for justified worry. But among the more pleasant side-effects is that holidaymakers in the traditionally drizzly United Kingdom are going to benefit from that little bit of extra sunshine.

Country Breaks are Safe

If you’re going to be staying in the countryside, then the risk that you’ll be exposed to coronavirus is pretty minimal. Walking along a path in the Lake District, or in Bodmin Moor, or in the sunny South Downs, you’ll come across other people, but maintaining a prudent distance won’t be too much hassle. Tourist numbers are down overall, since foreign visitors can’t get to the UK, which means seeing the country needn’t come at the expense of safety.

It’ll make you appreciate Britain that much more

The global tourism industry has spent several decades trying to convince us that we should spend our time in faraway places, where the weather is more favourable, and the culture and food are interesting and varied. It’s difficult to argue that some of these claims aren’t justified. If you go backpacking in Australia, you’ll be exposed to people and places that are completely unfamiliar. But the fact is that there are large parts of the United Kingdom with which many of us are equally unfamiliar. Have you visited Lincoln Cathedral? Have you climbed to the summit of Ben Nevis on a clear day? There’s never been a better time to reacquaint yourself with these gifts!


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