Looking For Adventure In 2022: Things You Should Try

Adventure Holidays 2022
Adventure Holidays 2022

2020 and 2021 have been years of uncertainty and stagnation. The world has stopped and started so many times that heads have been sent spinning. Anxieties have been in plentiful supply too.

However, a brand-new year is right around the corner. It’s to be hoped that 2022 will be yield more promising results and lead to more fulfilling lifestyles for those courageous enough to throw themselves into some new activities.

Understandably, many people have elected to go on adventurous holidays during this time, undertaking exciting trips further afield. Of course, a lot goes on during these escapades, and each voyage is different to the next. Consequently, here are some of the activities you should try if you wish for your 2022 to be a little more thrilling!

Horse Riding

Horses are wonderful and majestic creatures. To interact with them on any level is a truly special experience.

Learning to ride a horse would undoubtedly offer a mesmerising learning curve. Not only can you saddle up as your steed trots and gallops around spacious fields in the fresh air, but you can also learn all about these animals at your leisure. Horses are creatures that you’ll feel an affinity and respect for onsite, and to be around their proud energy would no doubt be an exhilarating thing.

Of course, if you love the activity so much, you could always purchase and take care of a noble steed yourself. Companies like Equi Supermarket can deliver all the supplies you need quickly and affordably, with shipments free on all orders of £25 or more. Their friendly and efficient staff can also provide reliable guidance on the things you’ll need, so you’re never out of your depth here.


Archery might not seem action-packed at first glance, but it’s highly involved and offers up plenty of mental stimulation. By partaking in this activity, things like your focus and hand-eye coordination shall be improved over time. Both your core and upper strength can get a workout as well, and you’ll meet new people on your journey here. Many enthusiasts also report feelings of stress-relief too!

Moreover, archery is accessible to all irrespective of things like age and skill level, for example. No matter what stage you’re at in life, you can always pick up your bows and arrows and strike out for your targets with glee. Participate alone or as part of a group and get practising!


When you’re travelling by vehicle, so much can be missed. Sometimes, slowing things down and exploring the world at your own walking pace can yield many memorable experiences.

Fortunately, you don’t need to go too far to access some wonderful hiking locations. There are many spots in the UK that are lauded over by enthusiasts, so it’s worth doing some research, packing your bags, and hitting the trail. Remember, even if you’re an avid hiker and you’re looking for something new, your surroundings can change everything about what you experience on your treks. Each effort can be different from the next.

Like archery, you can participate alone or in a group. Take your loved ones with you and enjoy some unique bonding experiences, or go it alone and be introspective on your trip. Campsites may be available in some locations, should you wish to undertake a prolonged journey. Visit all the places in the UK that you’d never typically go to, and gain a new lease on life.  

Look at Tours

So far, different ideas have been listed. You may struggle to pick just one, especially if you expect your mood to change by the time 2022 arrives.

If you’re in several minds about things, don’t worry. Signing up for a tour may help to alleviate some of these burdens. Tours offer comfort and security to travellers seeking once-in-a-lifetime expeditions. Most importantly, the professionals behind them can give you a list of all the things you can get up to on your journeys closer to the time of you being on them.

You may need to be quick in showing interest, as you certainly won’t be the first to sign up for a tour starting in 2022. However, once you’re on board, you’ll be presented with a vast array of opportunities. You’ll also encounter new people on tour, and they may offer their recommendations of all the things you can get up to. Ultimately, there’s a lot to immerse yourself in, and if you keep an open mind, you stand to gain a lot.


Some of these adventurous opportunities may not surprise you too much. However, it’s worth remembering their value, and how much goodness they can contribute to your life. The world is filled with bad news recently, and a chance to break away from it all and escape should not be taken lightly. Use your 2022 wisely and seek out some adventure, learn some new skills, and enjoy everything that life has to offer you.

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